Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Just cant seem to help myself really, found another cache of web sites that have millions of images. It's like mining really, one site leads to another to another and all of a sudden you've got a million images, all worthy of being here on what is fast becoming a very well visited little site to view all things that I particularly like, and I know that you all like as well. So enjoy, if not, piss off go play with your Mitsubishi's or Volvo's or fix your badminton net, what ever......

very cool time piece.........people are very clever aren't they?

Anka again, this lady was amazing

OK OK who didn't want one when they first came out?

This is what I now own and I may do something like this to it.

Silver Angel...more like buckets of Gold

DT360 anyone, this looks like a bit of fun.

This is the sort of thing you find in a barn, do up and then just hang it in your lounge


In the good old days you had to push them first!!!!!

CX500 Plastic maggot looking very purposeful

A Jet powered bike, must be hilarious to ride

This is clever, still haven't figured out quite how it works, ah......... yes I have

Bultaco's were pretty nice in their day too.

Now THAT is a great tattoo!!!!

beautiful shot, well taken and great color

Well last time you saw these these I was thinking Hmmmm should I or should I not, well I did and they are lovely, great little bike boot

And then I found these by the same company ICON and went Doh. These are actually motorcycle boots even though they look like sneakers, they have everything inside them that you would expect from a modern day boot

Works teams used to work in such bad conditions

Supercharged Guzzi's nice idea to put that much power through a tractor gearbox and diff.

Lovely side chair unit

"is that an Omega?,,,,,,,,,nice", said Mr Bond

A working knuckle head engine


Love the old style paint jobs they did when discovering metallic paint

Now this IS cool

This helmet is done in silver leaf with a red glaze over the top, so subtle

Now enlarge this image and check out the color

Going Double Deep

Porsche 917 engines did not come cheap, this one was left lying on the floor

I feel like this sometimes haha

Hi Pitched voice " Check these puppies out I'm so beautiful n yeah I work out a bit wanna a lick?".

Don't know what's happening here

Did you hurt your heel baby? I know what will help that....

Monaco, big fast toys oh and then there's the boats too.

Bibendem is his name

Nice gams

Erhhh I think your scarf slipped baby......

You can here the slapping from here.

Now that's an engine

These things are pretty cool

He must be able to feel the wind on his Vagina

haha, this cracked me up, how does he sit in this thing?

The very first car that I couldn't drive without laughing hysterically and wanting more, the one I had to deliver in in London was hooked to hell and every time I took off from the lights, it would wheel spin and shimmy to the left, suspension was working overtime, gearbox was bangin and I really had to hold on. When I finished I was shaking from the adrenalin rush of the 130 mile delivery drive, it was awesome.

Mr Webber taking a dive

I miss the old style gas stations

And the old style service you got from them.

Now this is how to party at Monaco that's for sure


Rimless wheels were a fad, don't see to many now, but they are pretty neat.

These guys must have pretty tough vaginas

Not too sure what's happening here either.

haha, I wonder if the statuettes were to replicate that persons life, this guy must have been a nice guy


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  1. Wish that chick was walking the isles of Mega, then I might have to go to work...