Monday, 3 February 2014

Yeehaa, I think that front end would have to come down quite gently, or Ka snap eat gravel

A real sand hopper

This was a world record apparently

Amal's are nice on old English singles

This is what I will build in the next few months

A TUI's ad from the past

My mate Pat was just in Japan a week or so ago, and he came across ( not literally you understand) two guys who had ridden these all the way from Spain!!!!

A Goldwing cafe racer!!!!

Eddie Jordans newest toy, who said racing cars wasn't a good way to earn money

Love the gazbillion wheeled remote controlled dolly to move it.

This is a photo from the area where the charge of the light brigade happened a couple of days before, check out how many cannon balls are on the ground

Goldwing madness

Ben and Anthony, one went on to steal the hearts of young girls, the other to steal the purses of old ladies. Sad story, such talent wasted

A paper model of 'THAT' move, pretty clever really


Great shot

Image above and below, only Italians can bend metal like this

TZ 50th anniversary 

The front end feels a bit spongey

A V8 TZ, this was built in Auckland and was used in a speedway car, I have heard people talk of this, pretty amazing engineering

This was the only one ever built and now no one knows where it is.

They are lovely, and this one is pretty nice

What a vehicle to rock up in.

I want one haha

had this happen to me a few times

Icon's newest boots, Hmmm I like them

I understand, it must be hard standing up straight


Awe how cute

Keep your eyes on the cross, and see what happens to the faces

Keep your eyes on the cross and see what happens, no wait just keep your eyes.......

Aussies eh?

This looks like it could be some fun.

I'm reminded of that song, "wake up in the morning same thing for breakfast".

This is gonna hurt, cos I left all my riding gear at home

The tire just went away

Lovely triumph, so well built, it takes a master to build the bike, but then to get the aesthetics just right is a whole other ball game.

Ducati seem to make a habit of getting it right though.

Nice to have a garage floor with this litter on it

Right, the first corner goes right

had one of these in my garage for a long time

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