Sunday, 9 February 2014

OK, OK the weather this weekend was shit, the sevens weren't that good, the music was too loud, Ha ha listen to me I'm starting to sound like a grumpy old man ( no responses to that please), but the one good thing about this weekend is that i now own bike number 98!!!!!!!! I've just bought a Moto Guzzi Daytona, a rich lusty 4 valve header job, and am now starting to plan just what I do with this. So like my le man i will keep you all updated on the progress of this thing. I have to say the engine is bloody imposing, It's MASSIVE!!!!!

It would be nice if it ended up looking like this

Stand up Mr Rossi

This is a wheelstand

Perhaps the nicest image I have ever seen of one of these, a beautiful restoration that's for sure.

Mr Michelin tyre importer, what a guy


the face belies the heart of a racing god, he must have just come from his counting house

Mugen did some pretty trick 'crossers' in the day

I'm liking the imagery here, she kind of looks like the front of that bike.

pretty fancy smancy

these boats, are perhaps some of the coolest boats on the planet

yes you get those from riding scooters

Cros, railway lines, it could only be one place Wanganui 

Mr. Pasolini

This cracked me up

Now I want engines please, engines you know plural, more than one and make them fucken big


This is a simple lovely transformation, it's so understated

This is what i am going to do wuith that Guzzi of mine.

Colin, get off of the bloody thing

trouble at mill here

here's that boat again, simple, stunning, and stylish

Now this is stylin......

Nice little run about

Only the Italians can build em like this

These are perfection, they look a little ugly, but every single person I know who has ridden one wants one, light, reasonably powerful for 500 single, handling like a razor blade, and more than capable of kicking the arses of much bigger bikes, over normal twisty roads.


This is a great looking bike

Nicely done, these things put the fear of god into many a person, and sent more than a few to hell, literally, but that was then, you ride them and you think, "shit was all the drama".

Your children need these, actually your grand children need these, go on, off to the garage and make a few.

Lotus concept bike, pretty nice i thought

Granddad, obviously on his way home from a ride with the lads, if he was just going out he would have a smile

I used to spend an awful lot of time in this shop, I still remember that heady smell of leather, dubin, and waxed cotton Belstaff's as if it was yesterday

Interesting front end

Well that's all for this week, hope you enjoyed it

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