Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Ok, OK, I'm a little pressed for disc space as my PC at home is still not working, so in a pathetic attempt to get back on top of things I have to release a number of blogs that I was planning for the next few weeks. So here's the first of them, not much said just let the images do the talking. And for once you can tell your partner that your just looking at the pictures.

In this blog there are a number of images of petrol tanks that have been painted, and i was gob smacked when I saw the quality of the work, but I've lost the site where they came from and can't find the rest. So have a close look at the tank painting images, this guy would have to be the best in the world at slinging color.

Oye yoi yoi

Giancarlo Fallappa the mad man

The wolf of Wall Street scene where he couldn't get into his car cos of the 'ludes'. One of the funniest scenes ever

So that's how you get into a Rolls Royce

Always liked the shape of the Audi R8

Like the way the trumpet is pointing in the direction of the air bag, kick her out mate go for a drive

Well fast is always going to be..........well................fast I suppose

Nice ink

I found this image strangely alluring really

Some strange seventies French   film I'm guessing

WDW 2014 always looks like fun, I should go before I cant

Now not all bikes are nice, and this one is not nice. having said that though he's obviously been riding hard, check his front tyre.

The very beautiful Kat Von D

Deep Fuch's are very nice

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