Monday, 25 August 2014

Mid Week madness I reckon, if this blog has been out before don't blame me blame it on the boogie or the booger, I don't care.  I've been shifting you see and things have become somewhat confused, plus been away riding with my mates as well which is always much better than sitting in front of a screen putting together this, well not that i mind, mind you but you know what i mean. Anyway top those of you who have sponsored me on the distinguished gentlemens ride thank you very very much your money for the research into prostate cancer is much needed. So thank you and enjoy this installment.

This is paint, I don't think that this could be done any better.
Indianapolis and chicken the southern fried kind

Robert turned my 916SPS into a very expensive barbecue

I loved the color scheme I designed for these bikes

Dave Cole on my Ducati Superlight at Ruapuna

A well nice Moto Guzzi being built, what these guy do with carbon fibre is amazing
996 SPS in better days at Pukekohe, we cleaned up and won every title that there was really.

Me in wanganui shitting myself, How come every time i rode there it seems it rained.
What a color scheme eh?
Scott beating Bruce Anstey, don't think that would happen again seeing as how Bruce is now the fastest person ever around the Isle of Man

Cool paint

 My mate Hyndsie out testing my 996 somewhere North of Gisborne one day

Pukekohe Northern Sound of Thunder
This is me at Manfield having some fun 
Perhaps one of the loveliest engines in the world
There's one in my daytona
Exhausts all done, but I think you knew that, I'm lovin this view

Now that's just wrong, he should be heaps older and she heaps younger

I guess some guys just want big

How lucky ( or unlucky depending on your perspective) is this guy

Stupid is as stupid does does I suppose

Oye yoye yoye yoye yoye

Remember being like this, now days the bikes are sit up and ride style, but sometimes the riding is still the same

Your doing it wrong baby

This guy has skills in spades

She's been out airing her grievances I'll bet

Try it

Imagine the telling off you'd get from this girl?

Time for a shit stop I'd say

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