Wednesday, 20 August 2014

 A nice cafe Honda

 I have no idea whats happened here, perhaps someone knows

 There's something about riding all day in the sun through areas like this, I did this in Germany years ago through the rape seed fields, just lovely, I can still taste it to this day

 Rolling it on, I'm guessing

 Great to wake up like this

 Shit, I did mine up just like this, red with white writing and black engine. Built the bike in the laundry that was 6 foot by 4 foot.
 A bruno replica, very nice sir, very nice, mine is long gone boo hoo
 Nice tattoo

A wee tribute to Moto Martins, the Europeans love these things

 What was that? a little Japanese boy said who lived 22 miles from the coast.

 twist that thang in

 I'm pretty sure that this is my old mate Billy, haven't seen him in years but it kinda looks like him. The time is......

 Alex's wardrobe room
 Roll off, roll off

Bob haldane built a V8 from two 700 Yamaha's and apparently there are people that still have nightmares about this to this day.

My mate Shaun racing his Kawasaki, he's been racing for so many years this guy has become a legend, top marks sir

 some good NZ racing here

 NZ Classic racing

 Bob Haldane racing in the 60's at Pukekohe on a 7R AJS, this is working

 Apparently there's about 50 Brazilian Horse powers being released here

A very tidy little cafe racer here

 triumphs are quite tasty

 Thsi is a brand new Ferrari made to look like an old one, from the 430,  it's got a V12 in it, air con, power steering, all the modern accoutraments  that a modern car should have and specially commissioned, how fucken nice is this.

 Horsepower son just plain old horsepower

 This is a brand new Porsche made to look like an old one, I want one

 travelling in the outback, brilliant kit

 How lucky is this guy?

First turn must be a bloody nightmare, motocrossers as far as the eye can see.

The sore neck brigade at the IOM TT
 just as well she's not Chinese eh Ross

 These two images out of Harley are bloody fantastic

 Accelerate accelerate, change up change up, now bra..............

How's this for a great idea?
 Yoshi loveliness

This man is now 10 from 10 pretty good start for the season so far.

 What we can do with carbon fiber these days is amazing

That is a 210 zero Sam guided missile arriving in a neighborhood near you, and the motorcyclists still looks happy, funny that all around the world a motorcycle will always take your troubles away and make you smile.

 Well someone had to do it somewhere I suppose

Rob North triumphs were a very nice motorcycle to have too. love the headlights....

 Dirt 0 calories, pride on a scale of 1-10 about 2

Lucky he wasn't in India, they might have been carrying a wardrobe.
 Nice truck don't you think?

 Now does she look like she's thinking "am I making the right life decisions here?" He don't care. he's already made his.
 A gathering of the two strokes

ha ha how good is this guy
 This is amazing to watch

 In their day Astrolite rims were considered the business when it came to light weight wheels, just nice real nice

 George getting acquainted with the Phillip Island Locals.
See the seagull, fly seagull fl....of fuck never mind

 Cracking image
Loving this Honda ( shit did I just say that), but really like the spoke work.

 Seriously she should be on the trailer behind, OMG poor fucken Honda.

This is why Motocross chicks should just stick to starting the races

And on a slightly sadder not this week, last week we lost this man, or he lost himself. A very sad day when I heard this news.

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