Thursday, 14 August 2014

I thought that this was a nice opening to the site this week

Right then get your breath and get ready cos here we go again.

 They're trying to make a hoover bike, this one with a BMW engine in it. Imagine how this would fuck up the road tax people, because you don't use the road. I like the idea.

Cut my teeth on dirt bike riding in these very hills above Lower Hutt and Wainuiomata. If you look closely you can still see some of my teeth.

My mate Geoff posted a whole bunch of new Zealand racing images so I have used them without his permission, he doesn't care. This is Mr. Hiscock

Bob's bike, and a clean set of canterburyStubbies

Hands up those of you who wore Dusty's leathers

Pukekohe in the 80's

 We used to have some pretty good bikes racing in this country.

me thinks too much southern fried Freddie

Confederate build a nice jigger it has to be said.

Now that is a bomb, but more on this later

 I remember this poster

 Irish hell Angels..............shit imagine the trouble these buggers get into, and you'd never know the reason why cos you'd never be able to understand them. "Zeeble wort cherble portawtoe grennell yos fucken bastid", "what?", THUMP

Nice work to a 916 Top yolk

Now this is a TREE

 MT01 more stump pulling power then a whole dorm in a boys school.

Lovely paint

 The ACE cafe North Circular London

That's a big arse end

 A Hells Angels knuckle Duster, how nice is this, I wonder if it made a Kapow noise when it was used, and how many people have an imprint of this on the jaw.

 Some cars, a bit of beer, and Ohhh look a beach, what to do, what to do?


What a classic hot rod, right out of the mold, perfect

 The bike below is actually a newly developed 2 stroke 4 cylinder engine, pretty cool stuff what people are doing in their sheds these days.

 Nice interpretation of a Ducati here,
Now your probably wondering why this image is here?, it's because this is happening all over the world at the moment, guys on really small old nails, that meet late at night at a predetermined destination and get given another predetermined destination and the race is on. The only rule if the cops turn up, split and go home. I love this. i saw them one night while sitting on my balcony at about 1 in the morning. Like a hornets buzz they all flashed by draughting and weaving and nailed to the stops. Fan Fuckin tastic

 Now when we do big, we want to do really big.

We used to think this was faster for some reason. 

 warming up in the morning sun.

I heart you too baby

 Lovely paint scheme

Others would rather read/watch my blog hahaha.

Now I thought that this would make a good ending because it tis that indeed, but no there's more.

 This is what you all should be doing, you know that don't you, some of you do, some of can't ( that's OK too), but most of you should be able to build something. get out there now and do it.

 It must be very small.

 Check out the dogs face, he knows he's onto a good thing

 Nice office

 Who remembers this from a past life, love his straight little legs and not covering the rear brake, so this is all throttle, go that young man.

 Because this is what is waiting for you, (if you make the right decisions in life)
This Yamaha 400 is a minter

 Nice Pipes
 Burning man, you all need to go.

Check this fucker out!!!!!!! This is more than JAWS size, that little bit of human popcorn on the top of the cage would be gone in one mouthful, check out his waist size and then the sharks mouth size. I don't know about you but they say these things can smell 1 part blood in 6 brazillion parts of water, I wonder if it's the same for shit.

 I'm sorry but this is all wrong

This is how it should be done.

19 miles this thing could throw that little shell!!!! 19 Fucken miles. Look at the size of the bloody thing.

KTM 690 cafe racer, right nice
Now that's a nice end. See you all next week.

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