Sunday, 15 February 2015

OK, OK this ones earl;y but that's only because I've gone riding with my mates. I'm out of blogtion for about 2 weeks while I head south for the Britten festival at Ruapuna. Big nice ride with some good mates should be a lot of fun. Will take a shit load of images and run a special here in a couple of weeks time. Anyway here's this weeks set of images for you, I've made it double hard and double large just because you wont get your fix next week.
Enjoy and ride.

Now I was going to ride my Guzzi to Ruapuna, but I decided that it is still in its formative days and really needs a couple of months running close to home and shops. The lads from Motomart have lent me a bike to go away on. Now how many shops will do that, I said where do I sign and they said "oh don't worry we know you". Fuck I laughed and said "obviously not that well, see ya". Haha, But seriously Motomart have been fantastic and I have to say that's it's the best shop I've ever dealt with, bar none. Go there you wont be sorry. That's my shameless plug for the week. Oh they wanted to lend me one of these below, but I thought "Nah I want something a bit more you know Hooligan I guess. KTM 950 Super Motard, thanks Todd great work mate perhaps I will buy that Diavel afetr all.

 I had one of these, they were epic, it has to be said, absolutely manic balls out nutter motorcycles, if you find one buy it, if you find one and dont buy it let me know.

 One of the prettiest motorcycles ever made, I tried to buy one but could not get my knees into the cut outs, $20,000 a way back when houses cost the same.
 Love the paint

 A lovely little RC30 being raced in NZ.

 Andrew Stroud doing what he likes doing best

 Like mine but different

 It kind of looks like Ngatea but different
Bit of a difference to the lady we met in the hall at Ngatea that year. Ha Ha Ha 

 How fast does this think look

 I'd love one of these in my garage

 I would like this

 The caption to this said a "nice classic Moto Guzzi". I laughed

 A bus full of burnt out Enfeilds, new and buggered.

 Steve Briggs giving the Britten a bit at Pukekohe in the weekend

 My Mate Rod prepared a little TZ for a chap Mike Pero who used to be a handy sort of racer, who hadn't raced in a while and out of a grazzillion riders at PI in the weekend he came 4th, so respect to that man.

 Nice little tool boxes for your bike

 I'd have one as a Mottard any day


 Packed and ready

The new Kawasaki superbike, over 200Hp and weighing slightly more than a chicken

A very very pretty Porsche

 A very pretty Moto Guzzi don't you think?

 Radical Ducati back in business but in France

Poor old Greg

I have to agree with this, what is the point?

This guy is so big the unit cant get him out of the water hahahaha

This nis what that ice road looks like from above, scary shit

You know even though it's a machine there is something wrong with this

Now that's BIG

 Now this is a mans bike

OK, that's it, that's all folks, enjoy your week or two without me. If your at Ruapuna stop and say hello I'll have a blog T shirt one. If not then you are missing out on an amazing weekend seeing two of the best bikes in the world running around the track. Enjoy see you.

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