Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The RAF jets nearly fall out of the sky following these Russian bombers because they are too slow.
A CX 650 Turbo being raced!!!!!!!!!
I remember when these things turned up.

Nice wee Porsche

A very pretty little BMW

Very Cool
This Triumph is spot on I reckon

Computers can do some amzing shit these days

Racing on the streets in Ireland is done at very close quarters

This is very mechanical, very Moto Guzzi and very nice

Old Blue for sale last price I saw $126K

Yep the plugs are good

A lovely Norton and the best paint I've ever seen
Nicest paint I'v seen in a long time

A great cafe Ducati

I think she's dressed a bit light for being in a Chalet

Mmmm, how sexy is this.

Now that's a mans breakfast

We are very lucky here in NZ to see Brittens racing and looking as beautiful as these two. I'm riding down to Christchurch next week with one of these guys to the Britten festival and looking forward to hanging out with my mates again. bring it on.

Andrew Stroud who is linked to the Britten factory and family in so many ways

These things were/are epic

Old Blue again, a very famous Ducati, you'd think the factory would buy it.

Just Beer, plain old ordinary beer.

A beautiful motorcycle that's for sure. I wish I still had mine

The nicest CX Plastic Maggot on the face of the earth.

This is a great BMW, absolutely loving the styling, fantastic.

I wonder what she was doing?

Well, I'd  just do it too.

Hello you two
Clazy Samurai joker

Almost like a scene out of alien
Nah, this is wrong

And that is my Waitangi special. Keep an eye out in a week or so for the Britten trip, lots of photos and lots of riding. Go pros every where, it'll be such good fun.
Key ah orra

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