Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Light a match and stand back, because this episode is smoking ( if I do say so myself)

Boy's boy's behave, it's just a race...............................oh what the hell

The 1000SP was a great touring/dispatching bike. My mate bought his into NZ as hand luggage!!!! True story, rode it across America with a circus ( dwarfs, liars, hookers, thieves, guns the lot), and then bought it here. Amazing really

I was going to use the kitchen table, but that had an engine on it.

Dragging for beers, an age old pastime amongst motorcyclists

He must have really prickly balls and a velcro patch

Bend that thang

Nice face haha

Well done that man

All in a row, noice

 60's suspension and brake porn

 I did this to my 500 everytime I rode it over the Rimi's, worn a bloody great hole in the spannies, the exhaust note would change, the bike got slower and then home to weld another patch onto it.

 Barry tucked and on the case

Nice little Guzzi, painter hold up will you.

 The Italian  Police must be fucken good at ping pong, they carry their bats with them all the time!!

 I'm reminded of that saying "offerings to the god of speed".

 That's a modern Hesketh, I didn't know that they had done that
 One of my favorite bikes

 Nice painting

When we adventure ride in NZ, we end up in places like this.

 The Hunwick Hallam was an interesting bike that's for sure.

 They are here, 3 variants all the from $15K to $23K
My favorite little dive bar

 A lovely restoration

Now I'm gonna count to 8, 1, 2, 3.............

Nice landing stripe
You know what, Fuck that for a barrel of monkeys

Round and round the race track Rossi ruined his right  rear rubber

I don't know why but I love balconies

The 5 B's Blondes, beer, balconies, bikinis, and well you know the 5th.
Now I do like this, a flat head V* trike!!!!

It's a bastard when you have to take your sister to the races.

Great shot
This is Barry working hard on Franks carb

Lets visit Mr Lawson in his modest garage
Love his shirt respect to Mert
Eddies got some cow hide that's for sure.

Yeah Nah!!!!!!!

Adventure riding in NZ takes you everywhere even to stunning places like this

Hmmmm really like this paint

What a great place to ride eh?

Hmmm no I think it's a bit ugly, it's amazing what paint can do, you have to be so careful when selecting it.
Sonny Barger, tells a story about holding a gun into keiths rib and saying "play that guitar".

I burn for you, what am i going to do, I burn for you.

The dakar rest room, I bet that stinks like fourty sweaty arseholes
Now a Goldwing that kind of actually makes sense.

I do like this an awful lot.
Mad bastards and Germans come out in the mid day sun

draggin for beersies

Nice view of the street

As a person with a purely unbiased eye, I'd say that that balcony was pretty nice

Approach with caution, it looks nice, but it's like a billiard table
Typical, she takes the bloody blanket with her.

Even these little Hondas can be made to look quite nice
Don't know that there is enough power to need a frame like that
But it has promise, I noted that this is a different frame to the one above, so they must be still playing with things,

That's it for this week, off to catch a stick see you all next time around.

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