Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A veritable potpourri of images this week, some just amaze me and make me want to get out there and do it, oh wait that's right I will be next week, so that's why this one is a day earlier, and if your all very nice and keep sending me nicer compliments I might just post another one tomorrow before i go, because next week there wont be one.

I'm off to feel the warmth of the sun on my leather jacket and see a shadow of my bike and me stretched out in front of me, with the tarmac rolling back under my bike, the smell of long dried Canterbury pastureland wafting up into my helmet, and the shimmer of the heat haze in front. Singing in my helmet and laughing like a mad bastard, because that's where I am  and not anywhere else. Knowing that the only thing in my future is that beer on that bar in that pub, some where up there.

Who knew that they made dirty bikes, not me!!!
How nice is this.
 A stunning Ducati garage in the UK, you'd feel pretty confident going in her and dropping of your baby.
Serious brake porn. For those of you who don't know this is serious coin sitting on this table, Fontana front brakes are seriously seriously the business

One of the first Brittens
This is what middle aged men who refuse to grow up do in the weekends, they take their little Italian motorcross motorcycles up into the hills, fuck themselves and say " I need to get fit, I used to be able to do this all day'. Rod Price stand up and take a bow. Respect.

 Not seen since the days of carburetors and two strokes.

Fred's bike Rimi Italy were big sponsors and won a couple of world championships.

A modern magni

Cool helmets
On the Island Guzzi's run hard, well done Vince

Mmmm nice leather

These are seriously nice, I heard a little rumor that you may be able to buy bikes just like this off of Moto Marts floor soon. Go there and get one.

 Three on a bike
 Don't quite know whats going on here, but the color of that Norton fastback in the back ground is not very good.
 She's a pretty big job....................................

The prettiest tank in the business


 My oh my
 Who knows what these are......

They can be quite nice really no they can
My kids grew up with this mantra " there's nowt like a good headbutt", and there always has to be a wheel stand when escaping on a bike, we called them 'mingers'.

 This may have been on here before, but so what it's beautiful

 Not as nice as this, but then I am biased, actually I've got a BMW and a Guzzi, and a Husky

 Check those leathers, I think they have been used before. Nice bike

 Love this Guzzi

 Adventure riding in NZ, it's pretty good

 In our day we raced against the Britten's, because they were there when we raced, it was epic. Jason McEwan on front bike monstered that motorcycle.


 The bikes that they raced at Phillip island this weekend is truly amazing

She's about to go for a ride on her Vespa.

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