Thursday, 18 June 2015

Hey  here's possibly the biggest blog I've ever done. It was so big that i nearly split it in two, but then I thought nerh....winter, rain, cold, best that you go crack a whiskey and fill a big glass and sit back and relax. I was talking to a guy last week who only views the blog on his TV, so that the images can be big enough to view properly. I laughed when I heard that. So enough I say, enough, go get ready because here it is. A strange mix as usual and some bloody beautiful bikes to ogle over, oh and some beautiful girls as well. Hi to the new viewers, glad to have you along for the ride. 

 Now normally I would only have 1 image of this bike, but it is so bloody nice, I put all of them in here. This is a Japanese group who are making brand new NSR300 two strokers but road legal, and it is so beautiful you get to see all the images,
 Looks like a race bike, but its not

 Is this hing mint of what?

 Old and new, I know which one I'd have.

 This is a Honda 50cc 16 speed gearbox. Amazing eh?

 The Japanese have a great history with Harley Davidson and indeed old American iron of any type.

 A nice tidy Guzzi
 An X-75 rare as hens teeth now and a very sort after classic motorcycle
 Amazing image

 This is a bevel, it is famous.

 Beautiful Ducati, not bad for a standard motorcycle and yet there are pages and pages of accessories that you can buy to make them look even better and go even faster.

 This box is designed to give still air to the carburetors
 Oh yes nice katana

 Who remembers these?

 Looks like a really old photo until you notice the NOS bottle on the forks
 Ha ha I had one of these in London as my first Dispatch bike, my fairing was bigger, then slowly got smaller as I broke it down.

 I do like this

 Nice Italian iron

 That little sticker

 Who among you remembers this? That's right it was on the inside back cover of Penthouse, you remember now don't you?

 Kiwis in the Italian Rally doing quite well.

 Harley adventure bikes
 How nice is this
 A modern day two stroke racer was a thing of intricate beauty, nothing wasted, no fat, everything trimmed to a minimum for two things, weight and speed. Oh they also happened to be very beautiful too.

 The gates to heaven
 I was having a beer with a mate last week and we discussed the brick and how nice it was as a paired down motorcycle. here's one just like that.

 Nice lounge

 Old school stylin.

 That's one way I suppose.
 This one is nice too.

 Kiwis do fly Bruce Anstey winner TT.

 An SP2 actually an 888 and only 450 made, nice. I just bought one. No hot rod, this time, time for some serious restoration and back to original.

 2000cc single

 A new Katana waits

 These were pretty good in their day too.

 An Australian stand off, look at the tosser in the uniform what a Norman Nighgate.
 We need to be doing this sort of shit here too.

 Instantly recognizable as an Egli front end

 Xaus tries out a scrambler as only he can

 Guy doing it well

 1920's, power on front wheel clawing the air, sideways, onto it that man.

 I love camping

 This is the best Scrambler I've seen to date.

 I live there.

 Pack it all in.

 Kiwis can fly

 This means you can't fall off apparently, what next?

 Nice paint

 The only other Scrambler that I like

 Old and new joined in perfect harmony

 Cross up

Had a nice parcel of bluffies last night, god they are stunning this year, and then this image came up. I do love Oysters

Well wasn't that a monster. Shit hot images. Oh well must be orf, I've got shit to do and places to be seen in, so take care have a great weekend. DONE........

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