Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Well well Hola, to the faithful. Been a strange week ( again), sitting around waiting for shit to happen and not feeling too good about things, but then I get on here and I feel so much better. A mixed bag again, what would you expect, nothing less I'll wager. I can see the trace of my trawlings all depending on how the images end up, sometimes there's lots of cars then food, the girls, then endurance bikes, and sometimes I spend hours mixing them all up just for your continued viewing pleasure. Other times like today I've let the images fall where they fall, So enjoy.

This is how I feel sometimes, when one of my mates says to me "I'm thinking of buying a PC800 Honda".

Haven't the Ducati boys being doing well, and what a bike this year.

The works Doctor Big, nice

Yes I want a regulator for a 1975 FS-1 Yamaha, do you have one?

A little turbo Motard, noice.

Sidecar guys get all the nice girls
The intricate simplicity of it all

Just about the nicest bike I've ever put on here, i love these things, they scared the shit out of me when they came out and I finally got to ride one, they were Soooooooooo  fast.

Form and function
I do like a tidy wardrobe, it has to be said.

Stunning paint

U G L Y you ugly you ugly, but in a strange way I do really like it.

You know I've tried and tried to eat Kina, ( about 15 or so times), but I don't get it.

I'd be highly inclined to stay away from a woman like this.

These are way cool

Big, means just that BIG.

The dude on the Jetski is in some trouble, I would say

That's a hell of a party, I wouldn't be bothered with the wives though haha

I love these older endurance Kawasakis, they had a certain mentalness to them.

Vale, Vale

I had one of the originals of this Spencer helmet, but this new one looks so much better, even though it's pretty much the same. Must be the painting techniques that they utilise now.
If one wasn't enough trouble, lets bang another couple in and see if you can die three times as quickly

There will be a few images of Bruce peppered through the blog over the next few weeks.

Stroudy getting acquainted with his Suzuki.

How nice does this look?

Certain types of Harley are starting to grow on me. don't worry I'll get my Italian doctor have them removed.

Saw a couple of these cruise through town last week, all kitted up and some very serious looking guys heading towards the ferry, lucky lucky bastards

A friend of mine ordered these fairings for his BMW, it worked out bloody cheap I thought a couple of hundy for the fairing and 60 odd for the bubble.

Shit these new cars are bloody fancy aren't they. Considering that I come from an era where cars all had 4 doors and were made of steel. They never cease to amaze me.

The rockers always got the chicks first.

I love the angle this builder has managed to build into the bike, that backwards slope to the bodywork is just perfect, it looks like its doing about the ton.
Interesting front end

This is just beautiful work.

Well boys and girls that's all for this week, be careful out there with this weather, or stay in and go back through the archives of the blog, it's a treasure trove of images and shit to get lost in. Bye for now.

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  1. so much enjoy Grant - cheers Scotty