Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Right lets get our skates on and get underway. This is coming to you today because I wont be around tomorrow ( when it normally comes out), so lucky boys and girls you, you get it today instead. You know I've been doing a lot of thinking about the site and as I look through the images I get the feeling that 'nerhhhh they are all the same, and could that be boring?'. But then I think to myself shit no I love looking at shit like this, I love that every bike is different, that every image captures a moment, and that someone somewhere ha taken to the time to get this image out there so that you can enjoy it. Me? well I'm just a vessel, collect up the images put it in one and you all get to drink from the same bottle. So enjoy. Here it comes.

 A nice little Collection

I'd like to find out more about this bike, I love the color scheme
 And now for Dessert

Guzzi hubs are as strong as tractor diffs.
Now this is going to take him about 4-5 miles to get the bike back into line, sorry no time for Fuck wits likes this. However I do like his bike. Nice old Knuckle head

 This is just too pretty
 I had one of these, or at least as close to as possible.

 Lovely Lovely this is the nicest Ducati workshop I have ever seen, bar none. Full of old guys who appreciate tools, clean work spaces, and even cleaner bikes. Ducati Classics from the UK.

Quite possible the best collection of Ducatis outside of the factory, even better me thinks

This could be about the nicest Scrambler made, if only they didn't try too hard on the Apocalypse now theme, it has great line, but all the rippled shit leaves me dead, it looks unfinished. Urban cowboy shite.
 Nearly like mine.

 Want, need, get!!!!!

This looks pretty tough eh? I like. Bruce show this to Trevor.

 If you build I will buy

 New Zealand roads are the best

A lovely little Guzzi.
 Chrysler is the best, I love these, who didn't have a girl in the back of one of these.

 There are some talented bastards out there

Not exactly sure what this is a Woods Rotax, a home made XR, or SR, but it's bloody beautiful and looks to be very well engineered.

Liking the paint scheme.

It's always been about the engine.

 And who hasn't played with these, for you younger guys this is a device for mixing petrol and air to make an engine go bang. It's called a carburetor.

 How nice is this, pure engineering porn, this is what you call getting great head.


 Nice paint

 Should have bought one when I had the chance.

 Nah sorry it's not that nice
 BRAKES to go fast first you must be able to stop

She's just showing her guy how to cool down his vagina when he goes riding.

 A real live genuine RS Carrera, I love these
 Peroni my ass, get me a craft IPA anyday

 Now about 25 miles up in space a satellite is scanning the ground for any signs of insurgency, or a towel headed sniper, so this clever bugger puts up a flag.

They shot horses don't they?


And just about the prettiest little Yamaha I have laid eyes on.

And that's me folks, well this isn't me, but I think he's as happy as me to bring you another little slice of motorcycle, car, girl, food, racing heaven. Hope you enjoyed, see you all next week.

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