Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Hola fellow petrol heads and purveyors of all things mechanical. here's the weekly blog you've been waiting for. Had an interesting week with hundreds ( well not hundreds really but more then a dozen)of emails from people wanting to be my friend on Facebook so that they could receive the blog, but you don't need to do that you can just find it by searching V2Guzzi and there it will be. Also has some more of my Japanese friends contacting which is nice, plus a couple of new guys from Alaska too. So spread the word about this place. Anyhow with out further ado here she is.

Now I like these, I remember the very first one I saw at a garage in Waiouru I was so jealous of my good friend Tim that I went home and planned how to get one. As it turned out it took me two years and a few motorcycles before I got an 1100. That bike was mega. What a tourer, what a sports bike, two up single it didn't matter it just went and went. I've asked my good friend Pat to find me one in Japan, either a 750 ( never owned one), or an 1100 I don't care. See it's not all about Ducati, Guzzi, Aprilia, it's about great bikes and this one is that.

Now I've got a black one, and I like it a lot, but every time I see one that's a different color I think "Hmmm like that a lot". i think I am not well.
A V8 two stroke with hundreds of horsepower

It looks everything but simple, what fantastic design.
Well that's that one fucked!!!!!

Fork Porn

Hard to believe that this is all standard parts, how lovely are these Ducati's?


I know it's been on here before but isn't it wonderful. I can smell the spannies from here.

That's pretty cool.

Hmmmmm that's a waste

Vince looking Sharpe

Walk away son it's gone

These guys really do get down

I love these

Looking like a welders mask, but no this is a Yamaha endurance tank, lovely work great design

I had one of these

This is NOT a motorcycle, and anyone who says it is, is fooling themselves.

How cool are these

Someone has a new Norton in Canada

Something is wrong here?
Does a Hyabusa need one of these? Damn right it does.

LCR outfits are beautiful with or without their clothes

I think he's in trouble

These look beautiful even today, what a design

A nice present for your GSXR1100
This looks kind of peaceful


This actually looks very nice. Love the front end.

Haga arriving at a barbecue

Scrambler niceness.

Yes in the blink of an eye, I would have another, then I would have had 4.

Well that's fucked that then hasn't it?

 This is what it's all about, guys and girls having a great time over a few beers some food and motorcycles, fantastic fun.

 Intermission about to happen

The Scrambler in Paris release even had a barber and a bar, these guys do it all right

Scrambler release
Nice Harley
Three bikes in here, love the guys style

This son is a key to an entirely different life, love them, love your mates and love the good times you get with these things. Oh and always have a bike with a single seat.

I know a few people like this.

A harem of Husky's is what this is
Times have changed a fair bit eh?
Adolf's first rally of Europe," long straight 5 left over rise watch for Poland, 3 left hump 50 straight Belgium. He never finished his Rally, thank goodness.

Light the fuse

George on the case this last weekend, welcome back


This was the first flat tracker built to spawned the Scrambler. Bayliss may be on one soon

A very nice MT01

NCR loveliness above and below


Can't wait, bring it back

I'd have one of these tomorrow

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