Saturday, 22 August 2015

Here it is faith followers, sorry for the tardiness but sometimes you just get that. Some pretty interesting images this week, so enjoy. I've been working on a bike show here in Wellington for march of next year, so keep your eyes and ears out for that. The first interesting thing is BELL helmets from Kiwi Crown have given me 10 helmets, and the idea is to get artists to submit a design and they get the paint a helmet which will then be given as prizes for the bikes at the show. So was pretty chuffed with that as a starter. Still heaps more work to do.
Anyway without further fanfare here's the weeks blog.

A bit of an unusual shot for a bike blog,, but I guess these guys have the same idea as us when we go riding, but it's more like lets go for a fang in the desert.

Hmmm I guess it takes all sorts eh?

Jesus, this one takes the cake

Pretty cool eh?
There are videos of this on You tube, check i out, it's a mean trike.

Just a nasty little piece of machinery, but oh how I'd love to take one for a ride.

This is about the only adventure riding you'd do standing up, I love these things.

Paint maketh the bike

1 side stand, 1 bloody side stand

Awe not now baby, I'm meeting the lads for a ride in a wee while.

Now that is one large bug.

Clever engineering

Pipes, I want lots of pipes

One of the nicest Ducatis built I think.

Nah , it's gone mate

All the good bits

Ouch, first ride and this happens

Just about to do my rims in this color

Apparently the most expensive car for sale in the world.

Hes coming again

This is how my ones going to look
back in the day, a mate of mine away for the weekend riding, fishing hunting and family, perfect!!!!

The rarefied air of the works hospitality truck
If you haven't ridden one, you must find one and have a go.

I remember hitting a swarm like this once and it went straight through my jeans, when I dropped my trousers I had a million blood spots everywhere

Nice shop

Ducati mid winter show.
Moto Guzzi rims, yes please

Nice work

I know I keep showing these, but I love them, and this is my blog :-)

I do like these

Corporate hospitality at its finest

Just a nice image

Now if my memory serves me correctly the yellow selects the map, the blue and red scroll through the maps. The green is launch, the yellow is pit limiter, red is kill and for the life of me I cant recall what the blue is for, sorry. Haha. But how neat is this, this is a race bike and it looks like a production machine.

I do like this color scheme.

Barry's hall.

Rossi crosses the 'Bricks".

Must have got interrupted during his wish

Hand beaten alloy, what work
A very pretty SR500

I included this image just for the color scheme, how nice is that.

Endurance machines both above and below have a certain purpose to them
New Guzzi in a Tonti. Nice

Go on you have to admit, they are bloody beautiful
Made me laugh

Love the paint, original but with a special twist.

My mate Phil had one of these, it was a right beast.

Nice bike.

Well boys and girls, sorry for my lateness, but it really has been a week and a half from hell. Hope you enjoyed this weeks episode.

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