Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Hey there to the faithful. Well it's been an interesting week that's for sure. I wont dwell on the failings of some people, but needless to say it becomes very easy to discard that which is not important to you any more. What is important though and this should never be forgotten, is the fantastic work that bike builders around the world are doing. It never ceases to amaze me how a thing as simple as a motorcycle ( or a car for that matter), can become a thing which is lusted after by so many. I even found myself caught in a stare over a Harley the other day. I don't normally look sideways at them 
( well I do when I pass them Ha Ha), but it had such great paint that really suited the bike and it was absolutely beautiful to look at. Anyway enough of the ramblings, go on get on with it. Enjoy.

 These Triumphs are really starting to grow on me now, and this one is beautiful, it has balance, it has the right look. factory but not.

 How to tour the world on a Guzzi. I had to laugh when I saw it, but when I saw it being used it's actually very very good.

 This was a view a lot of wanna be racers saw in the early 80's. These things were epic.

 A Monster with a Diavel back end, noice mate noice
 Very good design on the Monster here
 And there was always more then one Renault on the start grid.
 It's very hard to bend a box.

 750 Triples, my god how many people ended up in hospital over these. My first ride on one pushed me so far back that I couldn't reach forward to roll the throttle of. It scared the shit out of me for a few years and then I rode one again and thought " what was all the drama about".
 Isn't that what they all were?

 Here they are using their Guzzi.
 Great Idea. I'd use this bar. You know what I say about Guzzi's "It's all about that engine".
 Just totally gob smacked at this BMW. SO nice on so many levels, just beautiful. This nearly makes me want to buy another BMW.

 Nice motorcycle wear. So glad we have progressed.
 A man asked at the funeral " He must have really liked his fishing". To which the reply was "Yes and the moment he buries his wife that's where he's going".

 That look right after you hit third at the bottom of the street, going for a ride.

 I know where one of these is, just sitting under a blanket in the basement of a building.

 Barn Find
 Evil little angry cars, that could force a grown man to cry both in pleasure and in pain.
 It's a great view.

Jut cant resist sometimes, my own personal Guzzi.

 Thanks Pete for the images, My home town can be pretty interesting weather wise.

I remember the very first Buell I saw at a race track, I think Terry Eva was racing it, a little orange and black one. It was singularly one of the most stunning motorcycles I had ever seen, and that moment still lives with me today. A bit like when I heard my first MV being used in anger at Brands hatch, moments that never leave you.
 And we wont allow refugees in here?
 Just so classically beautiful, even after all these years

 Ouch, that's expensive.
Ouch, that's expansive

 A bit of a collection going on here.
 Clever idea to show you motorcyclists what not to expect.

 They are bloody nice though aren't they?

 Kawasaki's a plenty

I'm thinking of replacing the Le Man screen on my Guzzi for one of these. Where do I find these people.

 The originals, any one of this model in your garage, very nice

Triumph have always made a nice tank too, I say Triumph make a nice tank, oh what the fuck enjoy.

 Yamaha's answer to the Ducati Scrambler, not too sure, will have to see them in the flesh and read the reports before I comment. But initial thought was " Hmmm don't like that tank". But we will see.
 Nice little line up
 Racing in new Zealand before the Moa was extinct.
 Robert Holden ( the last person to win a TT on a Ducati), and Dr Roger Freeth , two great NZ riders, I think the other person is Trevor Discombe, if not I will definitely get put straight.
 Funny I have been thinking about a full dustbin for the Guzzi, starting to really like the idea.

 Dallas Rankin aboard his Harris framed Kawasaki. This thing was fast, and when I first saw it race it was a handful, respect sir.
 Nice tidy rear end.
No spanners, no idea how to fix, thank god for mates in trucks eh?

 This has to be about the nicest garage that i have ever seen.

 The different styles and the difference in speed.

 Spondon framed RG 500. very cool

 A Liton?, which I think is a Norton engined something

 'THAT' bike
 It's a working prototype, which is fantastic.

 This is with out doubt the best Scrambler from Ducati that I have seen. This is clean, simple, has great line, great paint and looks like this is what it should have been. Well done

 I'd just love one please.

 My friend David Spicer let me ride his when I was walking home still in my school shorts, a 1 day old GT380. It was a life changer for me, and certainly led me down the path to poverty through having too too many motorcycles in my life. If you ever get the opportunity to take one for a ride, do it. They are fantastic.

 This was the only way to get it to 80mph

 A brand new Porsche engine for your old SC, or S 911. Lovely that you can still buy this sort of shit
 Global Warming

 Interesting to note the original side cover still being used.

 Two guys havin a larf.
 More Kawasaki japan images, look at all those 1100R's.

 I've spoken in the past about how a color scheme can potentially relegate your bike to the back of the queue. I love this color and I love the bike but some how the bike misses for me. I think perhaps the front screen is too high for me. But hey what ever pushes the button eh. I'd own it.
 That's how he did it.

 Rossi at rest


 A lot of very well respected mechanic, engineers, and riders in this little group. NSR at a Castrol Six Hour.

 This guys committed

 Seems to me that there are some nice BMW's being done.

Tank Art at it's best. You need real confidence to take a tank and just do it.

 Back in the days when computers weren't around and we didn't has gas analyzers or on board telemetry we did a thing called a 'plug chop'. Full noise down the straight flat chatters and then hit the kill switch at optimum revs. This would give the carb guy ( todays computer guy) an opportunity to see how rich, or how lean the bike was running. I often recall pulling out jets from my pockets for weeks before, and finding them in my shoes too, and in the washing machine. It was a regular occurance to hear the washing machine rattling out at me.

 Laughed when I saw this, how true is this eh?

 We know she's just playing
 Six sexy suckers sit sated or something like that haha.

 Great shot

 Every garage should have one.

 Adventure riding sorted.Standing room only

 Pipe art
 Tim and Andrew at the Britten memorial this year.

 I do like a good race bike, there is something very purposeful about them.

This may have been on the blog before, but it still cracks me up.

A V8's gotta breath

RIP to the last of the Dam Busters, respect sir, and thank you.

 Very very tidy bike, well done
 When I was a boy my father was into his Gliding, and we used to use these to tow them up, so seeing there was always a spare seat in the front, we got lots and lots of rides in these Tigers. Amazing machine. It wasn't until years later that I got to fly in another plane made of wood and cloth ( thanks Pete D), that I realised how lucky I was to experience flying in these things.

 Now this is just clean

 Doh, the old front wheel in one rut going that way and the rear in that rut way over there going that way.

Now rad Ducati closed down, but I read the other day that it's up again being run by some of the guys who used to work at Rad, Thank goodness for that because they build beautiful bikes.

 This guy is brave, Moto Guzzi does the Paris to Dakar, Apparently they are still looking for the gear box.

 Cool taillight

 Now to me, this is as much a part of motorcycle riding as the ride itself, good mates, a few beers "down the road", and a great time to reflect on the days activities. It's also a great place to watch blue lights go racing by as your engines ticks to the silence if you know what I mean.

 It just looks nice

 So that's how the seats get wet. You leave the roof down of course.

 Should have gone for a bike ride instead.

 Pit lane anarchy last week, Amazing that no one was hurt.

As Stewey from Family Guy would say " Got me a box for the bad shit, there, put the bad shit in there and forget about it". Done. Have a great weekend and daylight saving is just around the corner, so those evening rides are all going to start to happen down this side of the planet. It would seem that we have three great reasons for some long rides this summer, Wings over Wanaka for a long lunch, Summer ride with the road guys, and a new event for here in Wellington ( keep your ears on for that)
I see that the Distinguished Gentleman's ride is up and running again. Not too sure if I will do that this year, it depends on the company I suppose''. And the weather too. Haha. Enjoy.

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