Wednesday, 26 August 2015

While some of us prefer to know as little as possible about anything but have an opinion on everything about the toil needed to create our favorite art, many are keen to learn more about the inspiration and perspiration involved in the artistic process of building beautiful motorcycles. I read that last week and changed it slightly and I've decided that this is what this blog is all about. This is my tribute to all those people out there who build bikes for us all to enjoy and for us all to gain some inspiration from. Enjoy. Others can go and watch the cooking Chanel.

It just about makes you cry doesn't it? Have a close look at whats in there.
These were $22K when they first came out, about the same as now really. I just couldn't quite fit.

Nice high piped Kawasaki

Just about the most perfect lean angle.
Even Ernie Knocks back int 50's knew about classic design

The images that you see are from a warehouse in New York discovered a few years ago, thousands of derelict motorcycles left to rot. Such a crying shame.

This thing looks more like a boat than a car, but I'd have it.

When I first visited London one of these was sitting in a showroom in Park Lane, I think I spent about an hour looking at it.Then right after this my first Contach went by driven by two Indians, kind of didn't fit. I always thought London was quite a surreal place after that

Drum brakes, thank god we invented ventilated disces .


It looks like it could be fun.

How did they make a mass produced tank like this back then, we cant do it today.

I miss these things, epic little screamers

I love Holland. It's so easy to ride a bike.

I've said this before but race bikes have a certain cleanliness to them a real purpose that makes them look like they are ready to go......NOW!!!!

Classic shot, classic model, classic everything, it's almost a cliche.

Is there something on your shoe, oh look yes there is, the trampled hearts of many a poor man.

Love the enthusiasm of these kids, way to go dad.

Phew it's hot must be time to go cool down

Hmmm I think

My home town can be pretty spectacular sometimes

I don't think I looked as goofy as this, but I did do this a lot as a kid.

You know I never get tired of looking at this view.

Actually, this one kind of caught my eye.
New Zealand road racing royalty Dave and Steve.
And now for a little interlude

Just, just, OK it's just, fucking beautiful.

It's a very serious motorcycle.

Now take a minute and just take a while to check out this workshop.

Sitting here looking at this image and I wondered, shit how do the people inside the truck breath.

These have appealed to me since day one.

race day tomorrow.

Exactly the same as mine.

Yes I have both a Ducati and a Moto Guzzi


This looks like it was taken at St Anauds.

There's nowt like a nice wee picnic in the country.
Fallapa at Manfield. This is Ducati's SP2 Homologated racer. If you were lucky your SP2 may have a full works engine in it. If you'er lucky.

Looks like a Snap On oven.

Doesn't quite seem right does it?

A very very tasty Norton.

Manfield I think.

Now it is entirely possible to get something wrong

It's all about the paint really

This amazes me
The new Kombi?


I'm sure he's just checking to see if it's up to temperature.

And that boys and girls is that. Sorry if there were too many beautiful ladies in this weeks episode, I'm sure I'll get lots of emails complaining about that. NOT. Ha Ha have a great week, ride hard and build beautiful.

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