Monday, 3 August 2015

OK, OK, here's this weeks little reason for getting up. Thanks to all that have spread the word, I am getting about 10,000 hits a month, so it's slowly getting out there. The mix of bikes, cars, general automotive/engineering shit, and of course the ladies seems to be hitting the right mark. I have had 1 person complain about the amount of girls ( if I want to see porn I can find it elsewhere), well that's my thoughts exactly, good bye. But I's this weeks madness for you all. I've always thought that this site goes so much better with a nice malt on hand and some peace and quiet, so without further adieu...... 

The Red Hut burning down

I've never ridden one of these, tried a street fighter instead that was manic enough, but I hear these things go pretty good.

I love big twins...........................

I don't normally just put up images for the sake of putting them up, but this was standard Moto Guzzi that with just a few alterations was made to look very clean and nice, so I put it in.

How does this break with the bottom triple clamp still in place?

Tasty little garage. These are both Laguna Seca models, with a standard 750 F1 sitting in the background.
But I'd have this any day too.

The Red Hut Cafe Te Horo burning down, a well known establishment on State highway 1 now gone.

 Come on Damo, get it done

Egli, Astrolites, CR flatslides, this thing has all the bits that we used to drool after.

Juat about one of the prettiest GP bikes around
50 million pound to you sir.
 Now I do really like this shot, this epitomizes what riding is all about
The idea is to make your mods look like it came that way from the factory.

Lots of very very nice toys here.

 Who remembers these, god they were ugly
 Beautiful car

 Me when I am on holiday

 Nice work.
 A TD2? for the road
 The other side of that nice little Ducati shop

 Really digging this motorcycle, well done, beautifully executed

 It's almost too hard to try and explain, how nice these bikes are considering that they were built in the early eighties and designed in the mid 70's, that's 45 years ago.
 And this one is over 60 years old!!!!!!

 It had to happen, someone hotted a Guzzi tourer, it's a looker
 They are racing these in Britain now in a single make class, shit that would be fun.

This bike has it all, Vincent engine,  Egli Frame, but the best thing of all, is that it gets used and hard by the looks of it.

 A very close call, this is what happens when you pull out of the slip stream at 170 mph in an attempt to overtake ( just think about that, 170 mph, overtake), and the wind catches you. Scary shit at the IOM TT.

I made mention a few weeks ago that I have never seen an adventure rider ride like the image I showed ( a 1200GS sideways full luggage feet up power sliding into a corner). One of my adventurer riding acquaintances Bruce took me to task and said "Bullshit, we ride like that all the time". Well from the adventure rides that I have been on, most ride like these guys below, and the guy just below that, well I have only ever seen 2 ridersin recent times ride like that. One was an old guy on a DR650 who could more then likely still wipe the arses of a whole lot of younger riders, and who cleaned everyone up on that ride, and the other guy, I never got to talk to, because he was behind me, then beside me, and then gone. I'm not saying anymore than what I observe. I know a couple of other riders who 'could' ride like that, Bill Beiber and Peter Daniells can both punt 1200GS's like that, oh and there is one guy who rides with the Motomart adventure rides on a 1200Gs who can ride like that in the dirt. On the road he is shit, I cleaned him up on my little 800 once we hit tar seal, but in the dirt shit, I didn't see which way he went. So that's 5 that I have seen. Stand by what I said. You don't see many riding like that.

 Not a lot of riders can feet up slide through corners on the power. Chris Birch from New Zealand can.

And yet another way to paint the new Honda.

The bike that spawned a million mad bastards, oh yeah thank goodness for bikes like this.

Hmmmm......the seat needs some work for me to ride this.
Shit I love this. We had a discussion over a few beers the other night about how Mustang, VW, Chev, et al have made modern day iterations of their old designs, and I was wondering when would the Motorcycle industry catch on and do the same, well this Le Man is a great start. I'd buy one of these at the drop of a hat.

Two Honda engines?

 How cool is this photo, The Gee man and his boys. This is what motorcycling really is about

He said he wanted a boxster motorcycle for adventure riding.

Great shot

Beautifully crafted Ducati, it even has a different frame as well, so it's a complete re-design, love the way the panels overlap and interlock.

Get me a man bike, and this is what came back, oh yeah.

 This is a lovely lovely little BMW. Going to keep that color scheme in mind

 Who likes opening these boxes, I do.

 What a great build. This is 100% top class work from some very very talented people. I am in awe.

 He had his helmet painted the same as mine.

 And now some beautiful black and white images that capture the right mood

Oh wow!!!!!!!! This is an amazing image so many all in a row, and a couple of interlopers in there too.

 This is what I would do exactly this.

This is a demonstration on four strokes, it's all about the squeeze and bang.

Now is that just about the best 1/2 an hour you've spent this week. I get so many comments about the blog, and I think it's great that you all universally enjoy it, so spread, share, what ever and let more people gaze at this mad and beautiful world world that we as motorcyclists live in.

And now here's a little message from my sponsors ( that'd be me).

I have put beers in the mouths of people who have talked shit about me, I have picked people up that have tried to knock me down, I've done favors for people who can do nothing for me. I have been there for people who have not been there for me. CRAZY? Maybe.......but I will not lose myself in the outright ignorance of others, I continue to be me because I am who I am and it is in my nature. Life isn't easy ( I know this now, get a dose of leukemia gives you a very different insight), but even through all the bullshit I will still be here, being me. And if you don't like it, well by all means I invite you nah I implore you to un friend me from your social pages (like I fucken care), and FUCK off. Here's something for the pussies out there.

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  1. Hear hear Grant. Life is either a crazy, fucked up madarse bastard of an adventure or it is nothing at all. Apologies to Helen Keller. Love your work man.

    Mark Sidebotham, Ixion club, Wellington.