Tuesday, 22 September 2015

What is it that makes us change and alter things. I am always amazed by the abilities of people who are mechanics, engineers, back yard builders, and motorcyclists, that can turn to what is junk to some into works of mobile art. The ability to see something beneath the sun faded plastic and to turn it into a motorcycle that most of us would love to have in our own personal collections. To the welders, tinkerers, painters, and jacks of all trades I salute you for providing us all with a little of your time and in showcasing your talents to the world and perhaps even making some among us get up off of the couch and go out the back, find that old nail 'that dad' used to ride and turn it back into something that deserves to be ridden. After all that's primarily what this blog is all about. And there's plenty of other nice stuff to see perhaps not motorcycle related by kind of the same, toys with engines be they big or small.

Lots of images of this Guzzi, why? because its bloody nice and beautifully crafted.

And a BMW that is just as nice, I love the paintwork on this one.

Check out the polish on this aluminium body.

These XJR's are a brute of a bike and this transformation is particularly nice, perfect tourer for here.
It's only natural that this and cafe racers go hand in hand

Back in the day, they raced big old slow motorcycles round industrial estates all over New Zealand. This race was in Lyall Bay. Actually when I look at the photo there are 3 Triple Kawasaki's in this image, what chance for the fat old Triumph.He is wearing white boots though and in their day they were pretty flash too, and I think that's another Triumph beside him.
This looks like Gracefield

Shit yeah, I was not happy with 162 Horsepower so I bolted this puppy on.

Listening to someone talking about how good their PC800 is.

 Old Blue, perhaps one of the most famous Ducatis to race in the states. Just heard today that Phil Schilling had died, a very sad day.

 The Pagani Zonda

 With all these trumpets, it must be a beautiful orchestra.

 Beep Beep
 Marking the course for the Dakar
 Now this is mastery in the first degree. The inlet tract of a drag racing engine, look at the engineering on this. I am in awe.
 Clever bastards I have met.

 Simple and classic

 Horse power

Love this little Guzzi

Just imagine trying to tune these. No laptops in them days.

Let the battle commence, my money is on number 2 Steady Eddy Lawson.

All the blood sweat and tears that went into hand beating this tank show, and that man deserves a beer.

About the only Harley I would buy.

Just to see a 24 hour motorcycle race

Now isn't that just a pretty little engine. Lovely radial fined heads.

One of Knievel's first jump bikes, it even has a seat belt, and the strange little attachments on the sides were apparently miniature rockets to help propel it over jumps. Not too sure how they worked.

 What a great shot

 Great barn find

 Sorry, GAY. not wearing socks is just gay, and poncing around with your thumb hanging out is even worse. But then pretending that your little English car was actually a sports car is the biggest crime of all.
 This is not GAY, this is the product of a highly trained articulate passionate person who likes to work on motorcycles, someone who perceives that an ordered mind is a great mind. Love the size of the screw driver top right, what the fuck is that for on a Triumph? And where is the box of felt washers?
This is probably the bike that got to me as a 12-13 year old, even before i started riding. My brothers mate Perry Buckland brought one new and when he left our house he was like Braaappp and promptly fell off right in front of me. I just stood there gob smacked and there after I ran around making motorcycle noises on my push bike dreaming of the day I could buy a little 500 Daytona triumph motorcycle. Thank you Perry where ever you are.

Mr. J Surtess a living legend and apparently all round nice chap.

Here's that Guzzi again, sorry can't help myself its lovely

The piston from an RVF750 Honda, apparently they had lots and lots of issues with getting the rings to seal properly. Pity that they didn't concentrate on the cams then eh?

I could watch a good painter work for hours

Right I'll just win the Dutch MotoGp hop on my private plane and go to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, drop some new hides on and have some fun.

Two likely lads if ever I did see.

It was ugly when it came out, and still is a bit today, but it's ok now I suppose.


Love these trucks, how nice are they inside.

Guzzi's like to travel

Someone didn't wish properly did they, either that or got caught 1/2 way through their wish.

OW01 a truly under valued sports classic, I'd be trying to find one. 

It's always been about that engine.

Hmmm couldn't decide if this was nice or not but now I have, it's not nice.

Love the homage to the old CB color scheme here

Who remembers this movie?
Blatting home to get there before the weather.

Thump, thump.........thump..............thump, what the fuck was that?

Do I buy it or not?

I like a girl who reads, I SAID I LIKE A GIRL, oh never mind, that's all folks.

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