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Here's the latest installment. I am really pleased with the uptake and the viewer numbers to the site, it's obviously hitting the right mark. I get inundated with emails every week now about how much people love the site. This weeks has a few more ladies than normal, but I can't help that when I upload the images, it just happens, haha. Not that you seem to mind. 
Looking forward to a nice ride around the east cape in a few weeks with my mates, and hanging out to get out and about again after a fairly long enforced lay off. My Diavel is now all kitted out new pipes, new luggage, and full service, so its ready to go. The Guzzi is playing up a bit at the moment, it coughs and splutters above 130-140 K's, so new plugs and a wee tune. Anyway enough is enough here's the blog enjoy. Bring it on.

 How nice is this BMW

 Mr Slight in his early days.

 The guy across he road from me had one of these, he was younger then me, and I was seriously jealous. These were pretty nice and are starting to cost a fair bit these days.
 There's just something about these.
 The mighty Titan.

 It's about riding, no matter what, love this image.

 Some people wanted turbos so much they did it themselves, good on them.
 David Spicer lent me his ( exactly the same) for a ride about two days after he bought it, I was a changed young man right up till now!!!!
 Slightly flawed motorcycle I think.
 These things were pretty good as well. ran on next to nothing for ages.
 Didn't know they did a 250 ram air, but there you go.
 I was always told that when your wheel standing and wheel spinning there isn't anymore. Guess no one told this guy that.

 Love this little Triumph.
 But they are a bit like dog poo, there's one on every corner. Still, I'd have one.

 The Ducati room of failures

 Nice shop, I'd love one like this.

 Check the paint

 Egli something, can't figure out what the engine is

 Vince having a great time on his guzzi.

 Now this would be an adventure ride.

 Mr Munroe's shed

Veg doing what veg does. Bless his heart.

 Mr McQueen being cool

 Nice pipe

The devil is in the detail

 And not a puff of smoke in sight. Don't know about the NSR400 being in there, but there you go.

 Wait till you see it.

 Flat slides please, 4 of them thanks.

 I'll just set you down here eh?

 Nice garage
 The suck part of the equation to greater horse power

 Now this is what Ducati should bring out, the nicest scrambler I've seen.

 On the pipe
 Now this is a bloody nice BMW, well done that man for the vision to build something that looks as good as this.

 Ducatis in my home town

 It's a vespa, no really look down. It's a Vespa

 Bently who else

 In Australia this sort of behavior is OK.

 Turbo's please

Shit and derision that's a ship and a half!!!!!!

 One of my favorite people who had his feet firmly on the ground

 Am awful lot of money lined up here.
 1400cc of niceness

 Nice color scheme.
 People seriously lust after kit like this, some people don't even know what they are.

 two stroke madness

 Very cool BMW

 Hand built, lovely

 Robert Holden coming across the bridge at Wanganui.

 The fastest rider New Zealand ever had, not the most successful and to be honest a flawed character, but I raced with this guy and he was just amazing. he was just fast, and I loved him for that.

 In their day these were pure porn.

 This one for you Tim.

 had one of these, I sold it for $1600 to help finance a trip to England.

 Fly Strike

 These things are amazing.

 I did this to a 916sp.
 Now that's a pig 180Kg's apparently. Kiwi blokes love hunting them.

 Jesus H Christ.

 Detail in leather

 Nice Harley
 Nicer Guzzi

 RC30's are a stunning motorcycle
 Most bikes look great with a single sided swing arm, this bike is no exception.

 This one is right nice

 This single is just about perfect, it looks like its going at 200 mph, nice work.

 These are models, amazing eh?
 That Scrambler again.

 This guy is defying the odds, has held onto the world championship lead most of the year while all around have fallen off. Plus a coupe of inspired rides in the rain ( he's a master) and we all have our fingers crossed that he can do it one more time. Vale

 Christian sarron cooling off.
 MV Augustas build a nice motorcycle too, although for me they are a bit too jewel like.

 This guy has understood cool for a long time. Check out the bike, pipes, carbs triple pad brakes, gusseted swing arm, he understand that to have a sleeper hot rod looking standard is the way to go.

 I have no idea what this is.

 David Beckham with a soon to be released 1200 Triumph.

 Hand done paint, stunning

 A hundred gear gearbox from Honda
 How nice is this Homage to Rickman Mattisse.

 You design it, I will build it, fantastic build.

 Detail again, this guy was thinking years in front of his build, obviously
 Love the paint

 All the 'B's'
 Someone has spent a lot of time polishing.
 You don't need no ticket you just get on board
 It's allowable for motorcyclists to stop at good coffee shops.

 That's a monster pig

 Trevor build this.


 Zagato designed Ferrari

 Lovely work

 Lovely paint, infact so lovely, my next build is going to have this color on it.

 This was a limited edition triuph that was only avaiable in some markets, so not too many about

 here in lies horse power

 Do you remeber the images of the Honda burning itself to death at the IOM, well this is the aftermath

 Classic pose

 It is also acceptable to eat burgers like this while on the road, the only food group missing here is beer.

 A bit of over run and the unspent gases go boom

 Save the bike, save the bike, save the bike be fucked, run man, run. Check out the faces in the background

 For some reason I liked this image, who knew thaht Wilma could be so raunchy?

 I recall the article that had the first write up about this bike. "you have just been 8 valved" said Mr cathcart. This when it raced at Daytona for the first time.
 Just sitting there

 Motorcyclists always get the good looking chicks, well most of them do anyways.
 No left hand corners

 leaning it in
 Bottom out

 I've never known caution to be used when racing, at least not at my level anyway

 This thing is a beast.
 Love the wat the subtle hint of red really offsets this build.

 Orlando Bloom and his new BMW street fighter
 Super charged?

 Nice lounge
 How nice is this, that large endurance racing tank looks fantastic

So that's all for the week, I hope that you got something from this, some inspiration, some enjoyment and some time wasting, ha ha. You guys in the Northern hemisphere will soon be spending more time inside as the weather closes in. I've been getting pissed off seeing you all out riding while we down here in NZ are stuck inside ( or in a bar). So see you all again next week, have a great time with friends and riding mates, keep them all upright.

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