Thursday, 10 September 2015

Well a couple of issues going on here, don't know which one I want to release first. I have ( still ) have 7-8 installments backed up and must do something about getting them out to you. Been out and about on the both the Diavel and the Daytona of late as the weather warms up just a bit. I'm currently waiting for my next bike to turn up, although I have struck a problem. Perhaps you can help me out. I said that
I'd get a third bike this one being for my mate ( he came on our last ride down south and really enjoyed it), unfortunately he cant fit a bike into his life at the moment due to business. So I said that I'd get one for him. The problem is that I had put dibs on an 888 SP2 that I have always really wanted, however this is not a commuter bike ( He lives 75K away from work). Some would argue that this is is a good thing, but I'm not so sure, so do I get the 888 and he has no bike, or do I pick something else that is nearly as nice and that is easy for him to ride daily plus give me a nice bike to ride if I want. What to do people? The decisions we live with eh? At least it's a good decision to make eh?
 DGR is coming, don't know what to ride, what shall I do what shall I do, decisions decisions.

The Elf Hondas always did things differently. I loved them like the Tyrell F1 car it was different

 What a pretty little line up.

 All big sixes all in a row

 Shit I like this a lot!!!!!!!
This is my motorcycling world now, great friends and great evenings, wouldn't have it any other way. 

Only Eddie

 Nice table

 They were so elegant back in the day weren't they?
 Starting to come to grips with these now too. They are actually quite nice. Saw my first one in the flesh last week, and it made me stop and have a close look.

 Fook me, no Fook U ha ha ha

 Racing tractor engine
 I know some people that should stick to riding these, it might help their riding abilities.

 Well that's fucked that Scrambler then hasn't it.

Pretty as a picture
A basket case, ha ha I crack me up again
 These are lock gates for the Panama canal. holy shit look how big they are?
 Krauser BMW 4 valve desmo heads

I do like these street fighters, highly under-rated but mean a fuck.
 A rotary engine
 My mate Robbie Phillis got given this to race and at the very first meeting this is what he did to it. OUCH!!!!!!
 RIP Warren Willing

 Flat slide Lectrons with glass float bowls nice.

 These guys are gods in their own right too. What they can on a motorcycle is amazing, wish we had more of it on TV here, you are very lucky in Europe.

Nice work Vince
 My one is green and I don't know where I parked it.

 The V4 Apollo built for the American market and never quite made it.Built for the then importer The Berliner Brothers, there are not a lot of these that survive. I did read on story that stated a guy found the engine being tossed out by Ducati as rubbish and he saved it, and from that the Ducati Museum was made to showcase the history of Ducati.

 This is for my friend Jass. He knows what it means.

 This is the very first round case, it's the prototype for the 750.

 Warren Willing sadly passed away after a battle with cancer. Self taught engineer, and mentor to quite a few of the 500cc racers in their day.

 Pity the fucken side stand is down.

 This is a whole bunch of rotaries staked together, how cool is this.

 My father has one of these in his garage.
 And one of these as well.
 This bike was one of the most photographed motorcycles to come out of America at the time.

 FZ750 Chookie.

 Now that is deep.

 I put this in here because it really interested me. This is how many earths would fit in the sun. Amazing eh?

 BIG engineering

 Throw an RD350 into a KTM 350 Super Duke chassis. Cool

 The cockpit of the space shuttle.

 These guys really do have their act togther.

 New shipment has just arrived.
 Always liked these

 Craigus, just for you.

 A brace of Wankels.

 Pretty Guzzi
 Paris to Dakar in Morocco

 Here's that Krauser again, they tried to get the weight up a bit and back, it looks OK, and from memory it went pretty well too.

 Mates out riding and having a beer, perfect. Common bonds

 Very cool truck
 Pretty nice paint

 You can do so much woith these, go see Motomart and they will do it for you if you want.

 The last time I walked down this room, there were Dyno's in the side doors, and the rooms like like a torture chamber, oil everywhere from severe engine explosions, it was cruel, but it looks pretty nice now.

 That's pretty out there.

 What a master, what a race

 Stunning paint

 Pretty cool idea
This is way cool.

The largest free sailing regatta in the world.

 This is so nice

You are allowed to eat food like this while on tour

 THAT Diavel again, it looks pretty mean, but not too sure about the riding position

 This is hand welded, believe me when I say that, how beautiful is that
 Here's some more of his work.

 Cant help myself, it's hard to believe that this is not done my a machine, you can just see the tip of the welder to the right
 Classic movie with an even more classic line "Don't move I've got a gun". Haha.

So that's this weeks lot for you. Hope you enjoyed, keep the emails coming and spread the word. Off to plan a motorcycle ride for October (East Cape) and another one for March ( Wings over Wanaka for the long lunch). Busy old time at the moment. But when you spend most of your day looking out the window what else can you do.

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