Sunday, 6 September 2015

OK, enough is enough, I've had some moments of lucid thinking over the past few weeks and I've decided that this blog is really a celebration of people and their love for all things mechanical and all things beautiful. Motorcyclists celebrating what is good and right in our world. We look at things in a slightly different way to most I think you will agree and see beauty even in the smallest titanium bolt, tossing it up and down in your hand and being in awe of the lightness of it. A pipe weld, a handle curved so perfectly you'd be forgiven thinking that even Leonardo could not have made a more perfect thing. Things like that. So I aim to make this blog an even better place to visit as I know it gathers people of a like mind.

Another epiphany is that there is no room for poisonous people either. Like a bad apple it should be discarded pretty quickly. 

What sound does an apple make when it's dropped on the floor?

This Husky is just downright gorgeous.

I am so envious we just don't see bikes like this here in New Zealand.

An RSV cafe racer, well it had to happen, and what an engine to make one from.
They think that this will take 9 hours from one side of the world to the other.

Old school cornering, haha this is how I corner, tucked in nice and tight, I always said that if my knee was touching the ground I was having an accident. I used to call it my 'Hailwood' style.

Yes please.

These little buggers were epic in the first degree for their day.

Now ain't that just pretty
Horse power and torque
A young Mr Phillis getting his first push out onto the track.

Nice shop
What a way to go holiday

That shop again.

Attention to detail makes the mundane look pretty special.

Little did he know that he burnt the chute on start up and as he screamed off all he could hear was the good wishes of his team shouting in his ear.

Mr. Stroud back out of retirement. You just can't keep a good man down

To me this man is the GOAT, I know he moaned and whinged about things, but he was a competitor and four world titles in the era of 500cc two strokes. Winning one was hard enough let alone 4 times.

This is identical to the one I'm supposed to be getting.

The Ducati Aluminium frame in all its glory, they must be looking for the electrical short. Pssst it's behind the headlight. ( because it always is).
Mates out riding. "where are we going?" down the road eh.

Poor little Ducati, just when you thought retirement is upon you, you either get turned into a Tuk Tuk or get given to the kid down the road who thrashes it until it stops ( usually in about 2 days).

Who remembers this lady. The Munsters was the program.

 When ever I see these I'm in two minds,was it a failed design exercise highlighting Honda's design excellence with oval pistons or was it pretty?
This is pretty

I've always been left wondering what could have been if Ducati had used this engine in a production racer or a road bike.

I raced one of these for a while, it was pretty nice.

There aren't that many nice Triumphs out there but this one is beautiful

Ah back in the day when if you had a motorcycle 1) you were a temporary person or clinically insane, 2) you traveled everywhere just to prove your insanity.

Engineering done pretty bloody well.

Not long to go now for us in the southern hemisphere.
Now that is a line up and a half.

Andrew Stroud heading out of retirement.

If you can find a good one, buy it.

Paint maketh the bike.
I likes this idea.
Looking more like a scene from I Robot.
Chirp Chirp, the long straight one is from the front wheel

Yes even these were pretty good in their day

Sean going out for a quiet fang.
This was when Ducati thought it would be a good idea to make an edge trimmer

That shop again, what a line up eh?

Ahhhh, I used to know these so well

The mighty wet dream. I dispatched in London for a year on one of these, it was outstanding average. BUT, it did the job.


Used to do the same in my Touareg, there weren't many magpies that got away.

I love shit like this

Bradley at Suzuka.

A nice scrambler

You'd be forgiven for thinking that with all the electronics these days this would never happen, guess it really is all down to the right wrist and how soon you go Brraaaappppp.

Earl's car. Noice

That shop again, check out how many lovely bikes there are in here.

Yeeeeh Haaaarrr

Barn find.

Paint can also ruin a bike.

Having said that about paint, it's also pretty well done, just ugly.

There's nothing like the sound of 320mm brembo discs rattling in their carriers as you drive down the road.

A bit like 'togs, undies'. No socks really is a bit gay.

Yeah and the moment one of those felt washers gives way, you wont be smiling so much then will you.

raced one of these too.

Now most would say it looks better in the Blue, but you know what I think this looks pretty bloody nice as well.


Hands up who remembers these?
A room full of old and antiquated machinery

They have so many old disused tracks in the states that they are now finding a new use, which was erhhh pretty much the same as the old use, but what goes around comes around ( literally haha I crack me up).

Hand beaten by elves late at night
It's so simple, it's nice
Dr John Whitner that man who saved Moto Guzzi

Even chookies are looking pretty bloody good these days.

Talent lost

Well there's another one for you all to enjoy. I trust that you got some enjoyment or some inspiration for that old nail you have siting out in the backyard, get out there and ride. I've got a big ride coming up soon with some mates. A ride that I haven't done since I was about 20. Around the East Cape, everyone's meeting here here in Wellington from all points of both Islands and we are away for a couple of weeks. I should be just about right by then, so really looking forward to this.

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