Thursday, 21 January 2016

And the beat goes on. Pleased to get so many great comments last week from you the readers, it is very pleasing that the blog seems to meet with everyone's tastes. Some comment about the ladies, but most comment about the bikes. Where is this bike from, what sort of bike is that, where did you find these images, where can I buy those parts. Sorry I can't answer most of those questions, as I take no records of where I get the images from, otherwise my PC would die having that much information in it. All I can do is keep providing you with the images and leave the detective work up to you to find. Had a great week last week, was told that I am on the road to a full recovery, that seemed to make things a bit better for my sleep patterns which have been shit for about 8 months now. Life is good, it's filled with great mates, great motorcycles and some great rides up in front of me. 

It also heralds the starting up of a new venture for me, I am planning on doing some custom builds (2-3 a year at the most). PCC, so keep an eye out for the builds as I start them up. You see over the years I have become pretty adept at customising bikes, I've scoured the planet looking for the right parts, I've established some pretty good supply lines, got great painters, metal workers and engineers to assist. I'd like to think that I have a pretty good idea of what is right styling and paint wise, so why not do what you really really enjoy doing. And if you want me to turn my eye to your bike give me a call. That was a shameless plug ha ha. Everyone needs plans, because if you don't have plans you end up in a ditch for the rest of your life. Remember this is not a practice lap, you don't get a warm up or sighting lap, you're here just once.

They drained a canal in Paris and this XJR was one of the finds.
Bet it doesn't go round corners too well.

Tag my favorite brand of watch, this is the Monaco as worn by Mr Cool Steve McQueen.
All the pretty things lined up in a shed, how nice

Epic turbo's, thank you Kawasaki for giving us these.
The slightly rarer version of my Daytona, the Racing version.
To think that once I could have bought one of these for a mere 10,000 pound, sob sob

Me and the lads at Wanganui, missed some of the old crew but managed to catch up with some of them all the same, a great days racing at Wanganui "The Cemetery Circuit".

Chatting with Grant Dalton, our Americas Cup Manager.
Pretty little Katana, these are starting to appear more and more

A woody

All those dreams

Kapow, Biff, thud, take that you bounder
A very very tidy BMW love it's lines
These guys build a stunner don't they?
That's pretty tough

Watch this he said

Like Bruce takes notice
So I said " I want a V12".Not much room for me anymore
Just beautiful work
Getting some serious lean on

My Buddy Mike Ruane and his squeeze Claire heading South for the NZ motorcycle season.

It looks almost to short, but it's a nice build.

Computer graphic programs are awesome these days

Very cool, almost too cool.

Honda Hornet homage to the past, well done

Clonk clonk clonk silence

Craft all the way what a stunning model

My mate Mick swinging ha ha great shot

Check these rings out

Water turbines on a large scale

Check his paint


This man is an inspiration to us all 

One of my early paint schemes on my 916SP racer.

I will build one these

Scotty on the case

Double A Ron in his early days

Paint Paint Paint

Martinborough for a quick tea with some friends

Gary Goodfellow and Colleen about to head out on a three week ride around the south Island

 What a fucken hornets nest this is

When Laverdas go out in the noon day sun

You are allowed to eat this

Ouch. That didn't go too well
What a barn find
Barn finds are so cool

I am in total awe of the workmanship that has gone into this motorcycl

So that's me for another week, it's late, and I'm about done. So to all of you, do what the chap below is doing, and get out and ride, now go on off you go.


  1. Great range of images as always. Still think the old Cycle magazine SS Ducati was one of the best looking bevel gear V-twins ever.

  2. Great range of images as always. Still think the old Cycle magazine SS Ducati was one of the best looking bevel gear V-twins ever.

  3. splendid ��������