Friday, 1 January 2016

Well that was 2015, it's a year that has been done now, hope you all enjoyed the blog last year,and welcome to 2016.
For this year you will see a few changes  I am changing the name of the blog to something else that is more fitting to the site, as it's becoming more of a motorcycle life style thing not just Guzzi's, but everything motorcycling, automotive, mechanical and sporting. More about the direction that I am taking, and I think by now I know how you all feel about the site, so it will just be a name change, the content will of course still have lots and lots of Guzzi that's just a given, but it will include more if that's possible. I am also working closely with a graphic artist who is currently doing some T shirt designs for the site as well, so that's pretty exciting. Keep your eye out shipping to you soon.
I've just come home from Wanganui watching the most amazing street race in the world, and was blown away by the amount of people that saw my guzzi blog shirt ( shameless advertising) and have read the blog, loved the site,and shook my hand to congratulate me, it was very humbling. Pleased you all liked it, cheers and thank you very much.
I've also bought another 900SS Ducati Supersport ( 105) that I intend to refine over the next year as my new lifestyle allows me ( which I am sure it will). There are some pretty good Ducati engineering shops nearby my new home that I will be visiting extensively. So keep your eye out for that too.
Roll on 2016.

Ohhh Nooooo

Taking lightening to a new extreme, art level? or plain obsession.

My how things have changed eh?

Looks set for the long haul

Definitely my kind of garage
This is the exact same model and year as my one, wish I'd never sold that bike.

Yes it's a Diavel, I like them OK!!!!!
Buut I like these too.

Hmm the seats a bit wrong for my eye, but I am sure the owner likes it.

You are fucken kidding me, this guy has balls

The machines that make machines

I watched this Doco a while back and everyone pretty much rubbished David Beckham before it, but afterwards they all thought he was a pretty cool guy. Rides a bikes, wears a helmet, gets dirty, that's OK in my books

You don't need hunderds of horsepower to be cool, this little Honda just oozes it.

I can just imagine him standing up after finishing this job and looking on proudly at his level of skill

Cool tank, wouldn't mind that on my 900ss.

MotoGP just has a slickness about it, about everything really, its just all so finished. I mean even the rear wheel adjuster is milled.

The modern day incarnation of Freddies helmet, instantly recognisable as his, they look pretty good these days still.

This thing must light up!!!!!

Seems to be more and more hot little Ducatis appearing all over the net, I don't mind because they are nice.
But not as nice as this little baby, I love the extended FUCH rims, makes the car look like it's stuck to the road.
Now just stop and gaze in wonderment, this is true porn, what a starter kit.

This is about the mosty p[erfect Guzzi i have ever seen, everything about the bike is 'right'. The right mix of old and new, the aesthetic, the raw finish to the pipes, everything is just perfect. This is the reason why i love Guzzi's so much. High Art going on here.

I remember my first ride, it was very similar to my first ride on a CR125 Elsinore, it altered my perceptions completely

That is a shitload just right there

Beautiful little model
It's all about detail, not overdone trashy shit for the sake of being 'steampunk', or 'retro', but smooth and sophisticated.
Add caption

Me likes

A stunning little Kawasaki, not too sure about the seat, but it's only down to the cafe or into the show eh? Ha Ha lovely little bike

Spied at Manfield a few weeks back, you just don't see them around any more. These things were epicer than epic

Even as standard off the line bikes, these things are more custom than most people can even think of. I like that


Sweet toy

Grant Dalton's toy, this man needs to relax, boy was he wound up on this day. I could only think of one thing 'Relax man, it's supposed to be fun'.

The Vincent production line

Yeee Haaaaaa

A Gxxer Egli?

Well thought out unit

The first corner at Manfield

Funny they couldn't sell these things in a day or indeed give them away, but now they have a certain cool about them.

Nice office

My mate Gary's Britten, well not his, but he rode it.

It looks better in this color than that last one, but seriously who is going to buy this except for the collectors.

There is a motorcycle museum in Nelson that you must visit.

Ohhhh it's hot

 Gin has nice legs!!!!

 My mate Tim who taught me how to dispatch in London, 4x4ing his Sabb.

A very nice one of these was racing at Wanganui this year was a pretty cool bike.

 From this above to this below, what a stunning transformation

 This is a beautiful engine, and a stunning motorcycle, this is exactly what I was doing 5 years ago before I lost interest, ran out of money and sold it. Stupid stupid me.

Here's the latest toy in my garage, check out how good a nick it's in. Not too bad. It won't stay like this for too long I think.

Well there you are, the first blog of the year, V2Guzzi has become Motorcycle lifestyles and there will be some slightly more subtle changes over the next few months as well, just to ramp it up a bit. Good to see you all back. Rock on 2016.

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