Thursday, 14 January 2016

Hey hey, it's Friday. Just getting back into the swing of things for real now. Big doctors meeting this week, all looking OK for the moment, so it's nearly time to start packing and getting myself ready for the next big adventure in my life. Got my big trip to Europe sorted ( I hope the shit that's going on in Europe has settled by the time I get there). Looking forward to catching up with quite a few of you when I am in Italy and France. I'd like to think that if the entire world rode motorcycles we wouldn't have 1/2 the shit that we have now. Well that's my message of peace and harmony for 2016 anyways. I'd also like to think that if the police authorities and our governments made it compulsory for all new road users to start out on motorcycles for the first two years that we would have far less deaths too!!!!!!
Anyways enough I hear you say, here's the second installment for the year, enjoy your arses off. 

A great before and after shot, you can do amazing things with these bikes to make them yours. Call John and Todd at Motomart and get yours today.

I wonder what map he uses, wet, urban or highway?

When one is never enough, I like this bike.

A perfect Saturday morning hangover cure, just right for heading to the cafe
The new, when old is just old enough to be cool again.
It's just a little V8

What beautiful work.

I don't normally have too many Harley on here, so when they do appear they are pretty special, I love the lines of this one

Australian made Hunwick Hallem, nice but never really got anywhere

A very rare image of one of those night time elves working their magic on a bit of pipe.

This is what happens when you only wear lycra, silly boys

Tough no nonsense Norton

Nice rig.

 A classic New Zealand Ducati

What lovely work.

Carbon Katana

This is where suck happens, just before squeeze, bang, blow, I'm talking about the image below guys. But having said that it is applicable to the image above as well I suppose, never made that comparison before.

This is called commitment

I guess it balances out the front

 Still a stunning beauty after all these years.


 So much work has gone into this

 Even as standard they look like hot rods, almost makes me want to reach for the monster cup again.

 I mean really? This is a standard motorcycle as from the factory!!!!!

 V Max sporty, ohhh yes

 Motards a plenty at Manfield this week.

 Always thought tht they had the seat wrong on this. Personally I'd have just cut off that lump under the seat and gone straight through in the line of the frame.

 Guzzi's out riding in the New Zealand sun
On the pipe

 This Brough along with quite a few others were discovered in a shed in England a couple of weeks ago.

Pure Porn, check the welding out!!!!

Well someone had to do it I suppose, I'll bet the front tyre doesn't get much usage.
Ahh the pitter patter of thousands of tiny little motorcycle racers

Adventure trailing, brave young man
All ( well not all but you know what I mean) the Strouds, what a legacy Andrew is making for racing in New Zealand.

Great painting of John and Double AA.

Bruce Almighty in his natural environment.
Sideways on another level
A very tide build, I like them a lot.

Snap On modification, noice.

From the movie RUSH, if you haven't seen it yet do so, it's a worthy movie

It's all about pressure

A Classic Kiwi scene

Lovely color, thought about this color for the Diavel

Paint, it's all about the paint

Just in case you were wonder how Ducati lift and lower their valves

Beautiful Sport, love this tank.

Hmmm this would be bloody interesting


What a great combination of new and old, bet it goes well too.

OK, that's about a wrap for this week, back on schedule and raring to go again. Hope you enjoyed the images, and got some inspiration for that long promised re-build, color scheme, or idea for those bikes of your. get out there and ride, and if you cant ride get into the garage and work on your toys.
Oh by the way here' is my new toy that I will turn into something nice. It already has nice big flat slides, and some juicy Brembo parts, and hopefully I will already have some new wheels on the way for it. I'd like to keep these ones but they got sold. Doh!!! So this makes number 2 900ss in the past couple of months and this is now my 105th motorcycle. And while it's not a particularly special Ducati it's badged? Go figure.Mad as a broom, my mate Haydn calls me, I just laugh hysterically. I haven't moved away from Guzzi, due to the fact that there aren't any nice ones available to 'restore', but I always have my finger on the pulse and when one that I want does come up, I will buy it.

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