Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Well we steam roll right into the start of the year. I've started of with getting a new project as you know and am looking forward to my winter months when I will have a garage and a workshop, after all these years of not having one. I'd like to think that in garages all over the world right now there are guys like you and me planning and working on what they can do to there bikes. I must admit that I am stuck with the 900ss as to whether I keep it beautifully one hundred percent original or whether I cover it in nice period race parts from the day, or do I chop it and turn it into a real street cafe, I'll keep you all posted. Also just started arranging for our ride down the South island to a festival called Wings over Wanaka, looking forward to catching up with a lot of old mates and a thing called the Long Lunch, but more looking forward to riding with the crew, all very accomplished riders, it will be fun that's for sure. So I will keep you posted on new builds and long rides with mates, beers and friendship. That's the reason why this blog is here.

Some of my riding buds.
We had a great time in Wanganui, it all got rather messy later that evening at the after match function. 

Had a good talk to this man Grant Dalton, he had the most lovely Suzuki. Have to say he needed to relax, fuck he was as wound up as his Rolex that's for sure. Seems funny to have the leader of our national Yacht syndicate and Americas cup racer sitting in pit lane working on his own bike, have to give that to him. We did notice when he was racing that he likes not having bikes around him, leaves a bit of gap between himself and the bike in front ( can't see that point).

Wings over Wanaka is coming
I could do this.
Courier days in London, my mate Tim's Guzzi, a Black Knight it was called. Guzzi UK couldn't sell them as standard so gave them a paint job, you would not believe the stories of this bike. It was once bought into New Zealand as hand luggage, no lie bloody hand luggage.

Dave Cole racing my Superlight ( the first one in the country delivered especially to me).
Chrsi Haldane, Tim Stewart and me racing the Britten in Oschersleben
Let it go man, let it go

How nice is this?

Scramblers are starting to appear all cafe'd up they look bloody good, looking forward to trying the 1200.


Just imagine workin on this.
The Yamaha GTS was pretty avaunt-guard for it's day
These military looking Buells rack

Star Wars bike
A perfect pile of Porsches boo hoo

Unobtanium Suzuki race parts what a find

This is just lovely

A stunning Triumph, just beautiful work

Paint paint paint

I don't know what to say really except you stupid bastard.

It was only then that Honda realised it had made a mistake
In a shed in Japan, Katanas wait and wait
I have to say that I use Dianese and my jacket just like this one is totally the business.

who knew eh? Look closely

Dont you just hate that first 6 meter step, followed by the 5 meter step them progressively smaller smaller faster faster until you learn the taste of dirt all over again.

Or this

If you remeber

Or this

Ladies riding around our country, how cool is that?

Bimota's quality was never up there when it came to fiberglass, but it's styling was top notch.

Paint maketh the bike. Everytime.

Nice wee monster


RIP Mr Magni

Perhaps the nicest 'standard' Moto Guzzi made.

 This is the shape of Formula one to come, pretty neat eh?


And that good folks is that, only a few more weeks before I leave this town. Can't wait to be on my way that's for sure. So hope you enjoyed this weeks installment, by all means share share and share, the wider it goes the better. Oh T shirts coming too, been working on that. Ciao.

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