Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Hey, Hey, sorry I'm late I've been in Wellington for a few days getting medicals and sorting out business. Had a couple of nice morning coffees at my favorite Wellington eatery Prefab, and went to a restaurant that I've never been to, that was Apache which was pretty bloody nice. I won't smack my fingers to my lips and say it was the best of everything, that it was amazing but I have to say it had refreshingly good food and good service. Just spent three days at the Auckland motorcycle show which was pretty bloody good too. Lots of guys getting into the cafe scene and lots of Harley bobbers and shorties everywhere. I can tell you it's hard work standing on your feet for 10 hours a day talking to people. Speaking of which it was great to talk to the people who follow this blog, and it was a very positive couple of days that's for sure. I really did enjoy meeting with you all. Had about 200 business cards go and then on Sunday night watched the visits to go through the roof. So got home late on Sunday night then up at 3.30 on Monday morning and drove to Wellington. Big day at the hospital and got the all clear, but I did find out that I have pneumonia ( picked that up on my Med cruise )which was a bit of a drag.  Still have plenty to do, so on with this weeks installment for you all. Keep building, planning, talking and spending hours upon hours in your garage, or mine ha ha. And remember to share the blog as much as you can.

Hsan't been that much Moto Guzzi stuff on the net of late, but I managed to find some for you.

Bloody legends these cars are.

My all time favorite time piece. I love Tag Heuers and I think that everyone should have one on their wrist. I've had mine for 18 years now, its been off my wrist  5-6 times for batteries and 2 times for services. I've dived, I've hunted, I've fished, I'me never without it and it still looks as good today as it did then. Quality, and dare I say this 'timeless'.

Oh yes, we all know where this lad is going to end up...........pitlane

 They are going to stop building them, this is the Final Edition, go to Kawasaki in Barrys Point Road and order one from Ken right now.

 This is the back of a Rolls Royce jet enging, looks pretty ugly eh?
 Me like this photo

 Thundering fucks!!!!!!!
 I felt a bit of this this weekend just gone, a common bond between bikers and riders, it was great to be a part of it.

 I just love this ramp, I think I might make one for the showroom.

 Nice garage
 Nice garage, or did I already say that.
 Now this IS nice

 Funny any bike in these colors looks bloody good.
 This was Kawasaki's prototype for the GP bike

 KTM's shot at MotoGP next year will look like this. Not too sure about the frame but they know better then me.

 Big engine in a Tonti, oh yeah

 taken at the show this weekend, a very nice Douglas owned by a follower of the blog Simon. Well done. Oh bike placed first in it's class.

 This was one of the nicest customs I did a few years back. It's great to see that the new owner has taken it even further. I still like this bike an awful lot.

 Got a K100 coming, so might have a play along these lines

 Nicest Guzzi for a while

 Guy martin is having a serious attempt at the land speed record right about now.


 My mate Vic at one of his old haunts in Wellington

Now this is seriously cool
One of the Britten's being saved after the earthquakes

Funny when you see them in a different color they always kind of look better

A nice Homage

Now I'm not what you would call a Marquez fan, but when I saw this photo it bought it home to me what athletes these guys are and how fit they have to be to ride 250+Hp motorcycles.

paint, paint and detail gentlemen

OK, this is the GT that i bought months ago. I've been working the midnight shift to get it ready and now it is. It is for sale if anyone wants to buy it. You know where to get in touch with me. This is what it looked like.

This is it now

So there you go. Pretty tired, big drive back to the mighty Tau. have shit loads of bikes to work on tomorrow and a couple are out the door as well, so all going well. As I said a couple of issues back, it's not really work is it?
Have fun ciao for now.


  1. Another Quality Blog , I must say with Spring approaching, your non motorcycle images are very inspiring.

  2. It looks like its going be a great summer.