Monday, 22 August 2016

Phew, another week gone by, where is it all going, it seems like only yesterday that I was thinking about my move north and now here we are 6 months later, and Christmas is just around the long left hand bend. Had my first spring ride yesterday, it's an amazing place to ride here in the Bay of Plenty that's for sure, so many destinations, and so many nice roads to ride. Far better then the two roads out of Wellington. Can't believe that I stayed there so long really given the roads around this part of our country. On the way home from the ride, the guys with girls took the more sedate way home ( I think), but me and Gary took a back road that was about 15-20k's long that was twisty, interspersed with nice little 2-3 gear shifts then banging them down and hauling in for the next tight wee corner, it was a grin factor of about 10. Really enjoyed myself. But anyway I digress ( I always do when it comes to bikes and riding), here's this weeks blog for you all. Hope that it inspires you to do something with your ride. I still have a number of bikes for sale, a nice 750ss, a great 900ss, a couple of Bimota's a DB2 and a DB4, and in the next few weeks a really nice BMWF800R. Now I had one of these and they are about as good as you can get for NZ roads, perfect little engine with tons of available grunt and a grin factor a mile wide. So keep your eyes out for that. I'm also considering selling the Diavel and getting a 990SM KTM. I rode one a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it, and for these roads around here, well I think it's about perfect. So here you are this weeks installment for you all.

 Images of this XJR keep popping up, I love it, it's a stunning build, simple, clean and proportioned just right.
 Serious !!!!!!

 Another nice XJR

 Well used by the looks of it, great to see.

 This garage managed to keep all the bonnets of the cars they raced, what a fantastic piece of art

 A very well known NZ racer about to crack bits off of his spine, the blame lays firmly with cold tyres apparently. Can't ever recall him doing this at Wanganui just as well really

Just made booking for accommodation in Wanganui again this year, so looking forward to a couple of days at the Avenue, see you all there, don't miss the best show in New Zealand on Boxing day.

 Ardmore back in the 70's, where is this bike now?

 The Distinguished Gentleman's ride is on again, but they have changed the rules, you have to be riding a classic bike, or a cafe style bike. I think that that is fucking stupid, just because you don't have the right bike, that excludes you from raising money for cancer research and having a great time with all sorts of other motorcyclists on the day. My donation is going straight to cancer research and I wont be riding. Have a really great idea, and then let a committee come along and fuck it all up by stupid rules. Now where have I heard that before?

 Ohh yes please

 Check out the Packhard V12 roadster thats been made, how cool is this

 Nice paint scheme

The Britten streamliner, it looks really small thats for sure
The view from inside.

It's Mount Egmont alright, no arguments

It doesn't have to be big to have fun on that's for sure.

Still the coolest tank in the business

She must have owned an adventure bike before this.

Still crazy after all these years

See what can be achieved with a Ducati Scrambler
This painting is a depiction of a German pilot escorting a bomber back to England. Apparently after the war they all got to meet one another and all became great friends

Oh forgot to mention, my new range of motorcyclist jewelry has arrived, stunning chain link bracelets. Ideal for that present when you don't know what to buy your motorcycling boyfriend or girlfriend. Check for full details.

So there you go, happy happy to have finished, I've got a chequered floor to lay no so have to dash. Visit my web site, have a look and I hope that you've all enjoyed it this week. 

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