Sunday, 7 August 2016

Welcome once again. A bit early this week because of the weather!!!!!! Bloody hell it's cold. I saw a hard bastard rider this morning, (from my heated seat setting 5, fully air conditioned set at +26 truck) riding with no gloves on. It said 4.5 on my outside temperature gauge. I thought shit it must be hard being hard. At least he was out riding, that's the main thing. Anyway the weather is crap, snow all over both islands and hail and rain and bitter Antarctica winds. I'm sitting here waiting for more equipment to turn up and a few more bikes to arrive, so I thought to myself "Self", get another installment done for next week. So here it is. 

Ring dingers are starting to feature a lot on the net. Don't quite know if this one does it for me, but I'll bet it sure is fun to ride.
 Krauser heads were the business in the day

 Here's one for an old mate of mine in Wellington, Trevor. This looks a nice bit of kit.

 An MV cafe. I think that I might like to do something like this, an MV I mean. Long alloy tank, minimalist seat, Hmmm thinking. All I need to do is find one.

 Ahhh summer riding, can't wait

 Gold Wing cafes, here's another one turning up, quite like it actually.

 Cracked me up this image. Nice.

 It just looks so brutal.

 Yeah Yeah.
 This is so beautiful

 High in the mountains an engine could be heard, then it was gone........

 Lovely Guzzi.

 This looks like it has 'stance'. Low and mean, I like it.

 Check out the rear tyres, now this is a sleeper if ever there was one.

 It's alright baby, there's no calories in mud.

 Ouch is about to happen.
 Now how nice does this paint job make this BMW look? The black engine is well done too. Proportions are pretty much bang on.

 Clean and simple
 Now I do like this
 Still one of the nicest tanks in the business
 Police on Diavels!!!!!

 I just love the engineering going on here to make these Spitfires fly again.

 Looking to be well travelled.
 If you ever hear one of these flying you are very lucky, they say the engine sounds like "ripping silk".

 How cool are these?

 My guess a Porsche  Cayenne

 Just a few bucks would have this, one of the easiest to cafe I think

 Playing on the beach was obligatory when I was a young fellow.

 These are so so nice

 Michael and Veg this just for you

 Still one of the best.

 Years and years ago I restored a 750GT round case and painted it cream and black. A few years later Ducati did this, I think they must have seen my bike and copied it. But i will never know. That's my story and I'm sticking to it ha ha.
 I think it's either a 125 or 185 Suzuki. Bikes that we all cut our teeth ( and knees, elbows and hands) on. Brilliant little motorcycles that caused an explosion in the trail riding world. Them and the DT's.

 Very nice work.

Paint people paint!!!!

Perhaps one of the nicest things to come out of Germany in a long time, what a fantastic car. They still look so contemporary even now.

Snug as.......

This plastic maggot has been transformed into a beautiful butterfly

This is called either commitment or ouch.

Still one of the nicest bikes to come out of Japan.

How cool is this transformation of what was arguably an ugly motorcycle the GTS Yamaha

Now these guys know how to do things right. A gathering of like minded people with like minded toys. There are some pretty nice Porsche's in this lot.

Pretty cool dinner table. Oh the contempt haha

It's still a fantastic view from here

This is one hell of a transformation of a Triumph, love the exhausts

Our very own Hayden Patton doing a Yump last week in Finland, this is total commitment

Nice Triumph, love the wrap.

A head made from solid billet. How wonderful our world is that people still do this sort of shit. Well done those blokes.

Nice styling, decal placement is so important

This is what it really is all about. A workshop full of nice toys and great mates having a BBQ sitting and talking shit over a beer, or in this case a wine. This image says it all.

here's those heads again. pretty cool eh?
There is some nice design work going on out there
 Here's one for you Haydn.

Our Guy, will be riding this in the next week or so.

While sitting here my email dinged and this image turned up. It's the first time I have seen the new design for the tank on the GT Custom I am doing at the moment. Can't wait to see it on the bike and finally finished.

Well that's it for me this week. have to move more shit around now, and get my workshop and tools sorted. I have so much stuff turning up this week, band saws, parts washers, another bike ramp, storage systems, linishing machine, English wheel, parts from all over the world. If anyone knows where I can get a small steel folding machine let me know please. So anyways as I was saying that's all for now, stay rugged up and to all you northern hemisphere people all I can say is bastards bastards bastards. Lucky that is. Ha ha ride safe.

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