Monday, 1 August 2016

Hola, everyone hows it all going this week. I've just completed my busiest week in what seems like years. Still need a sleep in the afternoon though haha. It's been an interesting old time, learning the in's and out's of complying motorcycles and meeting a whole heap of new people. Engineers, painters, and some really good craftsmen to help with the builds. My GT is so close to putting on the trailer and taking to Auckland for the show in a couple of weeks, I can't wait to see it finished. Been getting lots of emails from people all over the world lately, they, you, are an interesting lot that's for sure. Some of the questions " what color should I paint my bike, do you think this would look good on my bike, where do I buy this, and how do I get hold of that". It sounds like there is an awful lot of tinkering out in the garages late at night all over the world. This is GOOD!!!!!!
Anyways enough I say, enough on with the latest from our world. Enjoy 

A great photo of the man. I was lucky enough to meet him, but in reality he only wanted my pen so that he could take down the number of a flag girl at Bathurst one year. I was only to pleased to oblige.

 If you have one of these lying about, pull it out and do it up, one of the best things to ride around on.

 I mean how many different size nuts are there?

 Love the Katana, so very rapidly becoming a classic
 A bit like this one.
 Paint going on, noice

 A lovely pair if ever I saw.

These Griso's will become a much sought after motorcycle, juts throw the 1400 in it, it'll be fine

 As motorcyclists you are allowed to eat this.


I love images like this, wait till you see the photos of my shop

 Ohhhhhh................the pain, the pain, unbelievable find

 It's the rush of the turbo every time.

 These were the business when I was racing

 My first race bike was one of these

 Yes it was on, and we didn't get to see a single minute of it. Shameful.
 Haydn telling stories on our last ride
 Scotty, Otis and the riding legend on the ferry

 There's a lot I miss about this place, I can see my lounge in this image

 Grizzly, only men need apply
 An old mate of mine did this to his bike years back, the more things change the more they stay the same

 So so simple.

Some serious work and money gone into this, isn't that great.
 check out the scrapes on the spannies

 Just take a moment to gaze

 Both bikes above and below from the same era, the same look, the same stance, long low and mean.
 I cracked up when I saw this
 Road food, speaking of which there is a fish and chip shop in Waihi that is worth the effort to get to, it's the first one on the left as you enter the town from Paeroa, what an amazing place. Get there

 Love these old boats
 Is this madness or what, he's not even wearing a hi viz vest
 Now I've seen some crap 750's and I've seen some good ones, this one is a good un.

Yes you know it, paint, paint paint.
 Simple and elegant

 Beefy and meaty

 You can only laugh
 I've always said that Yamaha make the best tanks, bar none, they just have the right proportions

Trying to find a bar like this, I miss the Malt, Hashigozaki, and Goldings. I've found good beer, but no good bars yet. 

In a noisy conversation over a beer the other night someone said they would like a goldwing to cafe, I was surprised to find this image, it looks OK, and I'll bet it can still eat the miles in comfort

I've got a 1200 coming next month, looking forward to seeing what I can do with it,.

Nice artwork, makes me want to get my water colors out. Yes I paint a bit as well.

I also have been known to do a bit of sculpture as well. Us motorcyclists are a talented bunch of people I think. This is Rocketman, and I get him back very soon. The process of doing this is very similar to riding, it's a blinkers on and concentration thing. I got lost for weeks doing this carving just like I get lost when I am out riding.

Two pretty ladies sitting in the garden.

Cool is always going to be cool.

I have no idea what is going on here.

A very well executed cafe, I like how it takes the past and makes the present

Oh yes please, wouldn't this lot sound great hitting the rev limiters in those hills?

Wanganui start line. Got our places all booked for this year cant wait to see Michael Dunlop racing here.

You meet the nicest people on Hondas, or so the saying go.

centralization of mass

This is way cool

Found in a shed, one of only a few ever seen.

There seems to be more hot rodding of Ducati these days, where are all the Guzzi's?

Z1000 goodie

Found one of these for sale in Japan last week. I didn't buy it.

How nice is this bike

I used to love turning up to a beach on my RM370 and caning it all day.

Who remembers these engines, hint 850CC

Everyone should have one of these

The new Schuberth adventure helmet, it has everything you'd ever need in an ADV helmet, the peak in particular, in built visor, this looks the go.

Seems like a lot of work for not much, but hey who am I to cast judgement, it might be fun.

Now, this IS a lovely 750 Honda.

FS1, what a game changer for a lot of young blocks back in the day.

And with this last image that is that for the week. Hope you all enjoyed it. Time to get back to the bikes and get some sold!!!! Check out for the bikes I have and next week I'll post some images of the bikes I have coming too. Stay safe.

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