Friday, 2 June 2017

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the world again, glad you could make it back. Well it's been a very sad week for the entire motorcycling community, what with Nicky Hayden so tragically losing his life in what on the surface appears to be a fairly minor scrape with a car while out training, and then the 21st anniversary of the passing of a great New Zealand motorcyclist Robert Holden. Our sport that we all love so much can be a cruel mistress that's for sure. She takes in such such huge slices that it can leave a person empty for the rest of your lives, and it only takes a minute, a moment, a memory for that loss to come flooding back in and you feel the pain as acutely as if it were the first time. Thankfully our sport, our passion, sometimes our reason for being, also gives back in spades, and in ways that sometimes you can't measure, the rides, the friendships, the people you meet along the way, that moment where it all clicks into place and there is nothing, nothing that can replace those feelings.I guess that's why we are all still here and still riding. So lets get on with it, getting a bit teary eyed so enjoy, see you at a track, or on the road, or in a dry warm cafe, but see you somewhere out there. Get Some.

 This cracked me up, imagine the stories in 60 years?

 Perhaps one of the sexiest images that I have ever put up here

 Or maybe this one?
 back int day, if you didn't have this, then you may as well have gone home.

 The Italian MotoGP is this weekend
 The Isle of Man can be a lonely place, just you the bike and the next corner

 A Corser, what more can you say, already in folklore

Now it hardly seems like it but 21 years ago I was standing in the back of my local motorcycle shop The Bike Clinic in Ebor street, when the owner Peter Daniells came out and told me that our mutual friend and rider of my 916SP had just lost his life while racing at the Isle of Man. Everyone remembers where they were when Lady Diana was killed, but for me it was when we heard that Robert Lorne Holden had paid the ultimate price while racing. The last rider ever to win at the Isle of Man on a Ducati. It was a very very sad day for everyone, because this was not supposed to happen to Robert. Here he is on the Go Sports 916 doing what he did so well.

Sir Alan Cathcart described him as one of the best riders ever.
 Doing what he did so well. I don't remember exactly but immediately after this photo Robert slammed it down, snapped the rear shock off from underneath and broke his ankle. he still raced that day though.
 It's a pretty famous photo down in these parts

 Jesus they were long long things weren't they?

You could always find him in the pits gassing to someone, just being one of the lads, a great guy and sadly missed.
Gone but never forgotten

Another Wellington boy who does quite well at the Isle of Man, Bruce all mighty.

A bank of 'Leccies", nothing nicer than a view like this.

Ouch, fucking ouch, now that wont buff out.

It's still one of the coolest color schemes out there. I am sure that they have had every single sponsor dollar paid back and more. Talk about brand awareness.

Still crazy after all these years.

That's pretty much about as perfect as you could get, that window height is spot on.

They are wearing CarbonArt Customs shirts everywhere.