Sunday, 25 June 2017

G'day to everyone out there in motorcycle world. Well it seems that our Northern hemisphere cousins have had a busy winter, lots of new bikes showing up on the net, obviously been doing lots of hours in the sheds all over the place and producing some stunning looking bikes. And some not so stunning it has to be said. Sometimes I wonder why people even bother when you see the monstrosities that some people produce. You will no doubt pick the image that I am referring to.You'd have to think that they are taking the piss, but I guess each to his own, I'll let you decide as you go through this weeks blog. Been very interested to watch the Americas cup, those boats are off the charts as far as technology is concerned. Still trying to figure out how that get 24 knots of speed going into a near12 knot head wind. Hmmmm that is amazing. Some interesting images this week, judging by the amount of hits the blog got last week, you all must have liked it, so here's this week lets see if it matches. Please share the page, as much as you can.

 That tyre is fucked!!! How fucked? really fucked!!!!

 Beautiful Griso.

ll bet the brown cows were really happy.

 Always loved this shot

 The mighty TS 400, I used to think that they were nearly unridable haha.

 I means seriously???????

 This guy has balls.

 I still love this image, these were motorcycles that's for sure, fast loud and beautiful


 I have no idea....... I mean really

 They are going to build one...this is good.


  1. Thanks, and other than the red pipes I see nothing wrong with that bike ha ha ha!

  2. Nice to see a couple of my old bikes this week, X-09 was slowly coming right.

  3. Certainly got some great shots there .

  4. Grant, great collections of mechanical and gracious curves art. Your weekly postings are one of my favorite reviews.

  5. Just fantastic, thanks grant!