Saturday, 10 June 2017

Well its been a bit of a sad couple of weeks all in all, Nicky Hayden dies tragically on a bloody push bike of all things, I saw my first reported death on the IOM, I have mixed feelings about that place. Plus I sold my apartment in Wellington and spent a few last nights there wandering the town in bitingly cold weather ( I don't have any feelings literally about that), and visited a few old haunts. Stood outside my old office building where I worked for 29 years ( 26 actually, the last three don't count) and felt pretty sad it has to be said. That's another story though. But it was nice and warm in Goldings and after a few very very fine craft beers pulled my shit together, got rat faced and then got out of that town. I've bought my building this week and can now get on with actually doing the alterations to the place and get my fabrication shop up and running. A massive big ups to Victor from Victor Contracting, his boys hit me place and wired the entire shop in a day. Blew me away, so if your in Auckland and you need a bloody good electrical/data contractor check Victor out and use him, you wont regret it. The best there is.

I love big jet engines and these test beds is a must see on my bucket list.

Road food in this country is really improving

Hmmm not too sure about this, but each to his own i guess.
Cool little travelling tent.


I am staggered that people let this happen really
Who da man, you da man


You can tell I'm thinking of new trucks

Getting there, I got so close the other night to giving my son Max my old one, but a funny thing happened I couldn't quite do it.......... Guess I have to get another one first before I can relinquish the one I've had on my wrist for 19 years

Still the best color scheme out there

She's a hard road....................these men deserve a beer

I saw one, I actually saw on in Levin of all places

I remember that smell, hot engines mud water

How beautiful is this centralized mass, engineering at its best.

yeah, it's just a con rod, but isn't it nice

I recall the first time I ever rode one of these it spat me off and sneered at me.

What a whale, seriously? Who actually does this to a bike?

This is from my era, I was lucky enough to visit right about the time this was taken and saw all these bikes in the race shop, which you can just to the right behind that truck

 Words do this place no jusutice

 Scopa in Wellington, a favoured haunt of mine, but no more
 Great shot, nice helmet too.

 I love these things,

 Very nice motorcycle

 I'm all about the paint, bout the paint

 Fiat were a clever bunch of people

 Getting the money shot


 This plane will carry rockets into the stratosphere and release them, shit when engineering is good it's bloody good.

Davies missed all the action, it was just behind him

I absolutely love this type of paintwork

Boom, what was that?

And that folks is that for this week, have a great week in the shed or on the road, or at a bar, as long as it involves motorcycles you'll be alright.

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