Thursday, 15 June 2017

Hey to the faithful, how's it all going?. Well I know that i start off every week, saying what a busy week it's been, but this past week has certainly been a momentous week for me. This week, I actually took ownership of my building here in Tauranga, so that's the final step in me moving from my home town of Wellington to here. I'm all in and now can really concentrate on getting myself all set up and established here in the Bay. It seems that all I've managed to do is move stuff around and pack stuff away. So now I can really concentrate on getting the fabrication shop up and running, and those plans to build the apartment up stairs can finally come off of the drawing board and I can start with my build. It's been a long time living in temporary quarters that's for sure. The only thing that has really kept me sane is the shop full of motorcycles, the rides, and my riding buddies. For some reason, this weeks blog is really good, I mean I know that they are all good, but this one is particularly good. So with no more waiting here is this week's blog for you all.

This is a great image , it encapsulates everything that was good about growing up with motorcycles and motorcycle mates. Those late Autumn evenings, all the bikes parked outside the local haunt, and that freezing ride home, or round to your girls place for a good night kiss.

I think this image has been up before, but when I saw it again last week, it just staggered me that things like this could happen. Imaging the noise inside that thing. There are still shells stuck in the metal!!!!

 This is called early entry, or commitment

 Lovely work

 Now that is too bloody close for my liking.


 Tidy work going on here

 Like little gems these are, everything about them is there for a purpose, nothing wasted, just a race bike.

 After the last two weeks you'd be forgiven thinking that this isn't the truth

 Robert Holden on Dallas Rankins very fast Ducati

 These things amaze me, I mean how does it all work, it fast furious and bloody great to watch

Oh the pain.
Funny, I remember doing something similar to me CF beddie, but it didn't last too long

Nice line up.

Well that's fucked that trip then.

These are great little bikes


  1. Thanks so much. This is the best site!

  2. Awesome pics as usual. Pretty sure what's left of that "very fast" Dallas Rankine 900ss is in my storage unit. Had a no expense spared motor built by Eraldo Ferracci himself.