Friday, 8 June 2018

OK, OK  here it is, another plethora of motorcycle images celebrating our passion, be it bevels, Guzzi's, 70's super bikes, cafe racers, cafe lifestyles, food, aircraft, everything that we all love and admire, all here in one place for your pleasure. I don't care if it gets posted to a bevel page and it doesn't have as many bevels as you would like, I care not if the Guzzi people don't get enough Guzzi each week, this is a celebration of all of it, to give you inspiration " oh I wonder where that pipe comes from, oh that color scheme is just what I was thinking about, it looks rad, that fairing looks great on that bike, thats what this is about, all here in this little corner of the inter web thing. So enjoy it while it's here, celebrate our unique lifestyle and enjoy everyone own individual idea of what motorcycling means to them. Enjoy.....please.

The image below is the fastest a MotoGP motorcycle has gone, somewhere north of 350kph, I mean seriously!!!!!!!!! Ducati understand the passion, the power and the speed

This cracked me up, weren't we so stylish back then

 Me likey a lot

 I have one coming next month I think, if anyone is interested in me hot rodding it and getting a very unique Guzzi.

 Wankle Mazda engine being removed from a Le Man 24 hour car.

 My mate Mike breen took this shot from up north, great shot

 Old meets new....and big!!!!
 I loved these when they came out, I remember in London, every shop had 1 or 2 in them, they were common as, where are they now
 Bucket please.......

And....he picked it up and went on to qualify P1, I mean seriously, this is a fucking accident isn't it?
Check the chain slack and the tyre !!!!!!!

A very special lady to an awful lot of people

Time to stay in me thinks, taken at the Brass Monkey this year, Brrrr not for me.

Noice work going on here

And that folks is a wrap............well it's a pint actually, but you know what I mean. Thanks for calling in, you'all come back yah hear.