Sunday, 3 June 2018

How's it all going out there. It's been a busy old week for motorcycling that's for sure. I watched the Brass Monkey reports, and it looked pretty cold that's for sure. I don't know about you but I've done all of that and cold weather riding is not for me. Gravel guys have been out riding around in the rain and mud, and seem to be having a pretty good time. The Isle of Man is in full swing with some amazing moments and some tragic ones too. MotoGP is is full swing with Jorge making a come back like no other. The London cafe scene has come alive with the annual cafe show season kicking off, and all over the northern hemisphere the winter builds have been bought out and I have to say they are amazing, I am lost for words on some of the builds, and over the next few weeks I will be high lighting these, so you can make up your minds on the bikes. There is a definite swing towards 80's and 90's super bikes happening, I noticed as well. I like this as this is my era, so to speak, big bad handling motorcycles, now made into more civil more powerful motorcycles, and a return to wild custom paint schemes is now the norm. I'm loving the color schemes people are picking, some are very cool and sophisticated others are over the top. I'm hoping that you are all taking notice of some of the bikes and seeing how color can really effect the outcome of a bike, what works well together and what doesn't. Either way I'm loving the stuff people are doing. The other pleasant thing is, it's good to see young guys getting back on the tools and actually building and making, we seem to have swung away from that in the past few years, but now I am seeing bikes that are actually built, not bought. Great to see, so without any more discussion, here's this weeks blog for you all to enjoy.

Hmmm, I am amazed at the work that some people do, it makes me shake my head.

Paul Lewis 'The angry ant' Skoal bandit color scheme, was always a great one.

A very nice Honda.

Hours and hours of formed metal, it's great to see.

This Guzzi, is stunning

Hmm, I've seen photos of this before, it's certainly a very strange looking looking motorcycle
Nice shop

This Guzzi, is perhaps one of the nicest I have ever seen. Form and function

A great shoot of some very very nice Fords.

Interesting colors that really seem to work.

A one off hand made Ferrari for a wealthy man. How nice is this. The only one in the world. 

All those parts

My old race bike, being used like it was supposed to be used.

 Well I couldn't think of a better ending, enjoy your week, see you all next time, and keep those garage heaters burning and those spanners twirling. Ciao


  1. Nothing like a highly illegal potbelly in good ol shakey Chch...30c in the lounge.. haha fuck em...

  2. The Kawasaki v-8 is an absolute jewel!