Sunday, 24 June 2018

hey out there, how's it all going for you all? I see people are still braving the elements down here in the southern hemisphere which is good to see. And of course you lucky bastards up north are getting some great riding in too. I always get pissed off when I see what you Euro's have to ride in, the great places to go and see and experience the different cultures. Here? well we get two islands and after a while you get to see it all. Having said that though it's still a pretty good place to ride that's for sure. It doesn't quite replace Barcelona, the Southern French coast and into Tuscany, plus a few GP's thrown in, but I guess we have enough to get by with. For us here now, it's warming Bourbons by a fire and chilled evenings standing around in the shed with a glass in the hand and a bike on the bench.

Anyways enough I hear you say, bring on the bikes, the girls, the planes and everything else that we all like.

Check out my new helmet below, I'm pretty chuffed with this 4 weeks go to whoa. This one replaces the one I had stolen...bastards bastards. Finally getting my ST4S project underway again, had a bit of writers block on this, but now that I have new seat units arriving I'm back underway again., found a great place to get seats and tanks, so now that they are here, it's full swing back into customising, bending, welding and designing.

Someones been having fun on their ring ding

This is most definitely me.

How cool are these little helmets?

Not only could they bend it, they could carve it, and cast it, only the Italians know how to make metal beautiful. I still maintain to this day that that kickstart lever could sit in the Louvre. Like a snap on spanner, it feels good in your hands.

without doubt the best rear end ever.

Hmmmm.... it takes all sorts I suppose

Ohhh Nooooh........................Ducati shop burnt down, how sad

Very pretty, there is something about this engine that really gets me, its just art really

This is me, who wants to go?

Nice, just nice

There aint no more.....................................

It's a kick start in case you were wondering

My mate Arrie getting it on........

Monsters really, pity that they don't make them any more

That's how it's done...

Great shot of Vale. An Alien in any ones book

Great shot of petrucci

Just because....fantastic image

I wouldn't know which one to pick stunning the both of them

Just had a couple of my brochures mounted they look great I think. I've got literally hundreds of Ducati brochures, it's about time I put them up.