Sunday, 17 June 2018

Good day to you all, how's the weekend treating you all. It's been a frustrating week for me that's for sure, sitting here waiting for parts to arrive so I can get another bike off of the stand. The winter has caught up with me, and I now find myself reaching for the heater rather then the beer. Not much riding going on, but I do at least have my Ducati project to get into, so I am guessing that that is what I will be doing over the next few months. Hopefully I will have a couple of Guzzi Le Mans turning up in the shop soon too, that should be good, as I love working on them. The IOM has now finished, amazing that the lap times fell so quickly, I recall the commentator saying that "he is now 8 seconds under the best lap". 8 seconds!!!!! so congratulations to the brave lads that ride that circuit. Moto GP is in full swing with the carousel of riders and seats available for next year being a major talking point amongst the arm chair racers. It's amazing how so many people get so upset and pissed off by this rider going there, and that rider going there, some of the comments have made me sit here, reaching for my bourbon and shaking my head quietly and wondering what fucking planet are you on. I mean it's OK to have an opinion but then to launch into a rabid assassination of someone just because they have an opinion is just wrong. There's an awful lot of damaged people out there hiding behind their keyboards, just as well we are safe here in this little corner of the net, so with out anymore blah blah, here's this weeks blog for you, no opinions, no shit, just a collection of the most excellent images this week from our world. Enjoy

This is called full on commitment......

It finally won a SBK race, and a double header at thath
Off to Honda, I'm not too sure about those winglets though, but they work. I wonder how long it will be before we see these on road bikes.
This is the only place winglets should be

 It's OK to eat this stuff, but only when you are out and no where near your bike or your riding buddies.

 The power and the glory, all from a puff of wind, amazing image

 I guess the air bag went off

have you no shame sir? Well obviously not

 Perhaps the most beautiful GP bike ever

Having a close association with this model, I am particularly biased towards them, one of the best bikes Ducati ever made. Wish I has my two back that's for sure.

An amazing image

They do look nice.....

Look pretty cool eh?


  1. There are so many amazing custom bikes out there that show how creative motorbikes can be. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course and while i find some designs are outrageous, many impractical and others almost perfect i have to call out the Ducati in that 3rd last shot with the old SS tank and fairing as sublime.

  2. Keep up the great work.