Monday, 16 December 2013

Cavelli XJR, one of the best out there

Moto Guzzi V8 500

It's a twin jugged Guzzi.

A Guzzi dirt bike looking like a Husky

This was an interesting piece of kit I thought

Old mate Robert Holden at the Isle of Man

After Robert tragically y lost his life, I spent some time with Chris Haldane, we cleaned up for a few years and won several NZ championships

Laverda Loveliness

Inside you man, inside you, don't look back your not going in that direction

Hmmm lots of girls in this weeks blog, wonder why

Times and attitudes do change 

Apparently there's a bike in this shot

Roland Sands cafe racer inspired gloves, think that I might get these next

Great shot

An Aprillia SBK engine in a home made 'featherbed' frame

Bwaaaharrrrharrrrr should have stood back and kicked him in the nuts

A lovely modern take on an old classic

C'mon who hasn't done this, and then opened the throttle way to early and way too much and then eaten a sand which

Give me a drink NOW!!!!! What a bunch of frosty queens..........makes me shudder just looking at them, no wonder gentlemans club were invented, plus the 6 o'clock swill, you'd bloody need it I reckon before you got home

Now this will give you a good indication of just how big these bastards can grow, that guy would fit right in his mouth

Never thought about actually painting your engine to complete a colour scheme, Hmmmmm

I remember see this image a long time ago, and here it is, it popped up again, don't know where it is or what it did but it's pretty cool

I'm guessing that they've landed there before given the tracks all over the place

Great colour

Jesus talk about start em early, hope his little bike can free wheel

Nah sorry in about 3 seconds that car is going to disappear and the guy on the bike is not going to know which way he went. 

And who hasn't done this, not wheel stand a Stinger, but commit fashion crimes like wearing a denim jackets, with denim jeans

The video of this chick trying out her new alpinestars is worth finding and watching


here's that laverda again, just beautiful

And old 911 with a totally new and modern interior

Bostrums bike again

Now this is art that I appreciate


Kiwi Guzzi's can fly, this is a particularly nice motorcycle
And this is it getting a mild service at Manfield by the looks of it

Now i thought that this Triumph was a very very nice bike, it looks well built and totally sorted

But, this triumph would have to be the best sorted hand built motorcycle I think I've seen in this genre, check out the build quality of this thing, need to find out more about this bike.

Yes and I like older dirt bikes too, it's where we came from don't you know.

The late great James Hunt

So there you have it, I'm off for a ride now, see you on the other side or at Wanganui for boxing day

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