Sunday, 1 December 2013

Now, I've predicted that the cafe racer scene and rat rod scene will over the next few years change into big bore japanese street rods like some of the ones you will see in this weeks blogs. I think that this is what will happen, because it happened to us when we were younger. We had rat bikes cos it was all that we could afford then we started getting bigger, faster, bigger, well you get the picture. I'm sure this movement has been around, but I think it will get huge. because all of a sudden they have become affordable.

Couldn't have put it better really

Would love to see the machine that made this machine

This is clever

I feel like this sometimes

Im actually starting to like these long tanked Hondas

Nice Guzzi

This is the future of the cafe racing scene

A serious I-phone case

Another Long tank quite nice 

I've had this one on before but I just love it

Here we go

KTM690 nice......

This is a very nice BMW

This Suzuki looks for all intents and purposes a kawasaki

A Multistrada touring Ducati



This lady rode all the way around the world on this

This is bloody extra special nice

Simon Crafer

And this is a lovely Honda too

Look how clean and simple it looks, which means that it's not simple

Joey's memorial sculpture

I do love, I say i do love a good workshop

A 5 axial milling machine for home, how sic is this

Cool is................just is 

Workshops mmmmmmm

This is the thing that started it all for me on this road to cafe racing style, this bike an XJR is just so fricken cool

Now I know why they call some bikes sleds

One for me mate Bruce

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