Saturday, 7 December 2013

OK,OK,  You all know I don't like Harley's that much and I don't like Honda's either, but this one just jumped off the screen, and I have to admit, it's a damned attractive motorcycle, the reason why I jumped on my first one 40 years ago, and the reason why I'm coming up to 100 owned, shit it might even be a Honda, but I am hoping for a GT550 Ram Air really, plus a couple more Guzzi's too. I've always liked odd ball motorcycles, just as long as they were fast that is.

I do like this bike

The back end of a next years new Renault, pretty sexy really

Ahhhh the open lounge, love this space, if any of you had an idea of how to make a cooler interior your in the wrong business

Ahhhhhh the open road, if any of you had an idea that anything could be better than this, you just haven't lived yet.

A Vespa rider me thinks......

The red striped Yamaha, beautiful in it's rawness, it's simplicity, and beauty, wished I hadn't fucked up mine, could have been riding something like this for a few years by now. It's exactly what I wanted to build, what a nob I am.

Check the stitching, stunning craftsmanship.

Down one, no two, caress the front brake lever with 2 fingers gently, tip in, gently let brake off, knee out lean, lean harder, throttle rolled on, in....faster out

Who hasn't been here before haha, what'd you have for lunch, a big  mouthful of dust is what.

Do Like these

The ugliest BMW keeps popping up

Light the fuse, my personal motto, and stand back

It's very strange that my motorcycling has turned into this, and as well turned into the next image as well, two more contrasting ends of the motorcycling spectrum you could never get, but funny enough that's a two turn table and a microphone moment, this is where its at.

Scooters are cool too. What do you think Mark?

Lovely helmet, mines quite similar actually

Night time with the mates

This is an image...................................

Philip island if my memory is correct, a burning Ducati, and I think it was Stephan Merton's bike

yes that's this weeks blog, so if you don't like it the message is clear haha bugger off, ride hard, speed does not kill, it's the sudden stop that does it.

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  1. Yes Mertens and the Dick Head rode through a puddle of the last turn which sent him of to the inside wall. Think I was 2 behind at the time waiting for the track to dry.