Tuesday, 3 December 2013

This has to be the best photo bomb ever haha

Sometimes i feel like this

You all know that look............
Ram Airness I want one.

radical Ducati in Spain build some gorgeous motorcycles

freight train coming

Gardner versus Sheen Tran Atlantic series

Why would you, well actually haveing asked that question why wouldn't you.

French Voxan, a lovely motorcycle

Been there done that.........................alot!!!!

Aaron and Robbie at Manfield

Aaron, WTF are you doing?

I think my EX wife used to hear this a lot haha

Lovely carvings, seen one of these.

Awesome tattoo

One little drone does it's work and back in Kansas, a young guy picks up his pastrami on rye and looks smugly at the screen thinks to himself " Must get the car washed on the way home tonight".


  1. Wet pit, but see who had slicks on. Manfeild local

  2. That carving is cool ah. The different colours are inlays of different coloured wood