Tuesday, 10 December 2013

OK, here's the last blog before Christmas, roll on Wanganui and the Boxing day races.
So everyone have a great Christmas and remember to ride as fast as you can, be smart and be safe with it. if your stopped your not being smart enough. Haha. Anyway I digress, have a good break. Looking forward to getting back out on the road and the gravel too.

Steve McQueen, the king of cool

Barbers museum

My god an attractive CX certainly no plastic maggot

what a pretty lady

Kat von beautiful

Strange place to put an engine, wonder how it steers

A nice toy

This has to be the image of 2013, great fun

Gulf colors

i think this was at the Aussie 6 hour

Mustangs a groovy car

Eating plastic........

Sting on a wasp


A great way to store your bike gear


Love the brutality of this Guzzi, it says "fuck you"

without doubt one of the prettiest bikes to grace a race track

I wonder what the bore looks like

Burt Munroe

Vespa wall great installation
Swan Dri helmet haha 

He doesn't have far to fall ( roll)

Tattoo nice

Likes this

engineering excellence

It's all about the engine

I think they forgot something, or had something before the flag dropped

A goof idea

This is my bike...........Ram Airness

Go bert gone bert

Phnarrrr Phnarrrr


me and Chris with one of my bikes

We cleaned up for quite a while

Robert Holden, the late and the great

Loved this bike, it went so well

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