Thursday, 9 October 2014

Here's your weekend fix boys and girl. Hope you enjoy it. Of course you will, you know you will.
Mmmm Beer
If ever there was a whiskey to blend with coke, this is it, don't snort go get a big swig of J&B and put a bit of coke in it, you'll see.

It must be cold.

Nice work going on in here, a mechanic who cares for sure

Clazzy Japanese jokers praying with their R Nine T, what do you think Akira?

I'm not gay or out so said Mr. Guy Martin classic line really

Nice trophy

He just knew today was going to be bad

Double barrel Webers, what every Ford Anglia and Cortina had to have

The spoils of Victory follow you around for a long time, Mr. Sterling Moss gathering moss

Kawasaki to do superchargers, oh yes coming to a store near you

 The next image I am sure had people being showered in clutch and oil

 A tribute to the Dam Busters, average age of crew 22
 A distinguished gentleman getting ready for his ride.

Doof Doof 

 Check out the color going on here.

Nice tattoo

This is exactly how I'd do it if I had a Triumph

That's right make it into a nice little handle will you

 These R Nine T's from motomart are looking pretty bloody nice these days, don't you think.

Now isn't this jsut beautiful to look at, take a minute and check out the detail, the engineering and the quality of the finish.

 Weedhead and Tramp, haha imagine showing that to your grandchildren. Fuck we were good back in those days

 Only here really only here

Right that's that then, it must be about beer time some where in the world, please let it be beer time.

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