Thursday, 16 October 2014

OK boys and girl, here's this week installment for you. Just sold my BMW F800GS and bought an F800R, so am looking forward to giving that a bit of a riding this weekend, I took it out last week over the ole Wainuiomata Hill and down the coast and had a blast. The grin factor was off the chart. I remember a time when I used to want the 'biggest' the 'most cc's' the 'most everything' and then I discovered the BMW F800GS and it had such a sweet little engine that went exactly how I wanted it go when I went like Brrraaappppp on the throttle, and as I rode the two that I owned I couldn't help thinking to myself, 'self I wonder what the actual road going version of this bike goes like, because if it's anything like this engine it must be fucken good'. And you know what? It is, So this past week it was off to my favorite motorcycle shop Motomart to see John and Todd and there on the floor was an R model. "Take it for a ride they said", so over the hill and down the coast. I've been riding this road for like ever and have been known to punt it pretty quickly ( it helps when you know which way the blind corners go), and I have to say my mouth was sore from grinning. So trade time, and now I have an R sitting waiting for me. It's small, light only has 89HP which is fuck all in today's terms but it goes Brrriiiilllllliant. Do yourself a favor go take one for a ride and see for yourself.

And then you can do this to it as well. Mine is being fitted with Ohlins rear shock, Andreani  front forks ( all adjustable), two bros exhaust ( loud), bark busters, smaller mirrors and some minor cosmetics bits and I'm good to go.

That's about pretty much perfect really. I can pretty much profile most of you by the comments I get back about the ladies on these pages. I do like this.

yeah it's been here before but I love it alot

High Side a coming

Nice little bobber Ducati

Dont know what the fuck is going on here

And now you know. I could watch this for ohhh lets see  seconds

It's always been about that engine

I do like a good two stroke

Silly child, what do you think they are for

yeah yeah another photo of a porsche, but you gotta admit it is a lovely shape.

do dah cha cha char
Pat, this is what I like.

pretty little fillies all in a row, the 2014 MotoGp line up

Giacomo Agostine, a man in a man's world

They built these for normal men to ride, turned out they couldn't ride them either. To you sir in todays money about $30,000

Harry having fun

A Zagato Ferrari that didn't make it thankfully

Andy playin with a BMW

I wish someone would have a word with the fucken tailors over there, "your shirts are too fucken long". For fuck sake shorten them up a bit will yah.

thats next years Ducati 15 model burning on the side of the track, a very very expensive bonfire

Bond James Bond
Who remebers Eddie from the Munsters

Double A getting it on.

Dont normally like shit like this but this little baby is Ferrari powered and is mighty nice

Now will someone tell me how we got to this above from this below in a short 110 years without the help of Aliens.

Nice truck

Mmmmm ceramics are a wonderful thing

I like this one a lot
here's that quad Ferrari again

yeah, just as well they're into cars, it keeps idiots off of bikes

I love these things. Without doubt the best touring motorcycle ever.

That is one hell of a shaft, I wonder what it's out of, but more importantly how big was the macine that made this bugger?

 Fucken nutters

 harrrr harrrr harrr, now we know

 Like this paint job being done

 I've got a couch just like this, same fabric and everything

 Some nice rear ends

And that's a rap, just about the most perfect ending I've seen. See you all next week.

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