Monday, 20 October 2014

Sometimes I get a bit confused, it's hard for me OK, but I found this installment way way down deep inside the blog that hadn't been posted, so this ones been hiding in the bowels of the blog for possible over a couple of months, never mind the images are still shit hot ( as are the ladies), so here's a mid week ( well early week installment for you all to enjoy.)
Hey got the new bike now and am really liking the way it goes, it's a whole lot of fun. Will keep you posted on the mods that are done to it as they appear ( suspension first), gotta make it corner like it goes.

Lift that foot, not too much clearance going on here.

Should have bought one of these when i had the chance, but they were butt ugly then, they look pretty good now.


Salts Flats

Beautiful Paint

Punot, my suede de nome
One for you Tony, I know you like Nortons, you too Scotty

I'm telling right now, go see the boys at Motomart and get one of these.

Audis new concept car seen at Monaco 9 where else eh).

See this one is so old that it was supposed to be on the anniversary of John's untimely passing, what a mind, and what a genius

I can see Barry Sheene, and Graham Crosby
You know there's just somehting about the shape and the stance of these classic rods.

Love it, this is great

And just to end in the best possible way a flourish of lovelys for you all.

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