Thursday, 2 October 2014

OK then here's the end of week installment for you all, didn't get to do the DGR last week due to weather , it was shit, and it looks like the ride arranged for tomorrow will be even shiterer. never mind, we raised a fantastic amount of money for prostate cancer research, so all in all a very big thank you to all my sponsors. saw the Auckland ride on other sites and it looked brilliant, even the Ferrari club came out to play, so well done that lot. In this weeks images there are various shots of guys who attended various DGR last weekend, so some of them don't mean that much, but are just a collection of gentlemen out there doing it. So with out further ravings here's the weekends images for you, enjoy.

 This image taken in the early 30's, mountain biking is nearly the second oldest sport in the world.


A Ducati V8 no less

A very very nice GSXR

This is a brute of a bike that's for sure.

Who remembers these, they are fetching quite a bit these days

This is the prototype for the Lancia Stratos, pretty cool eh?
 Love those big front lights

Even just as a piece on it's own it's a worthy sculpture, this is a 750cc MV Augusta engine

 I can tell what's been going on here, a great idea fueled by jack Daniels, and teen testosterone. And it started with "hey I've got a good idea".

 The ugliest, the prettiest, the worst best looking Moto Guzzi in history, it's all in the engine

This is actually a car at Bonneville salt flats

The heart of a Stratos

 I do like big twins

 BMW's design Studio would be a great place to work in.

 I know, I know, but I do like them

Pops' going out for a wee run.

 Bruce Anstey the boy from Johnsonville who put the Man in the Isle of Man, respect
 BMW K1600 shoehorned into a particularly different bike, I like it I think

 Lost cars, pity not a nice place for a GTR Godzilla to end up
 Or this Aston martin
 Anyone want an F40, we just found it behind this building
 And the Rolls
 I nearly want to cry, a Pantera in the scrappers sitting on flat tyres

 Check the look on her face, yes you've seen it before

The worst case of rising damp I've ever seen

The basic problem here is no water I think. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's it in a nutshell.

That's all, have a great weekend

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