Thursday, 23 October 2014

Today, well tonight actually, well last night actually I have put together the biggest most bumperest issue of the V2 Guzzi site because this is a long weekend to celebrate the efforts of our fathers and fore fathers who struggled for the rights of the working class man, this on the week ending where our National government has eroded away some of those rights. So while you are enjoying your long weekend be it riding or working or just plain old kicking back with a bourbon and your feet up, without further delay here is this weekends bumper set to enjoy. Images you've seen, images that you haven't, images that will make you go fuck me that's amazing, so here it is

Pretty lame start after that intro but this is a very cool BMW R 800 that I like

I know a guy who owns one of these number ....last one off of the line pretty special.
A dinosaur being delivered to NY museum, must be a Cagiva raptor or something
Without doubt one of the prettiest engines ever made
Models, but they look so bloody real

There's something bustling in the hedgerow don't be alarmed now


Yamaha GTS right nice now

You could pick this up and spin it on your finger
Mechanics done properly fitting as much in to centralize weight and therefore enhance handling dynamics
7R engine, a very very famous engine

500 parallel Ducati
Is this the shape of things to come?

These things were epic

The worlds biggest crane....ever

I kinda have a problem with this bike it looks like it's bent in the middle and ruining the line

Maria Costello, racing at Hampton downs this weekend actually, she's fast

There's that 7R engine in that bike

An off shot of the V2 bomber

RC30 oh what a bike

This is cool

One owner still in it's case

This is called scrubbing and is the thing to get over hills quicker as opposed to fluffing about in the air with no traction.

Wankle rotary on the firing stroke

Beaten alloy is wonderful, you have to be a master

I had the 360 version of these it was fucken manic pull the bones in your hands apart manic, it pulled so fucken hard would love to ride one again.

I know you like this

The savage ( with a flip up gas cap no less)

Friends in motorcycling become friends for ever

This is perhaps the nicest hot rod I have even seen. Just stop for a minute and look at the quality going on here.

There is a special kind of quiet that you get lost in as you push forward to the line and then all hell breaks loose

This will kick your arse at any time anywhere simple as that

It's always about the engine

That's about all he's doing now

All with no engine

All with engine
Gonna miss class?

size is important

Elsinore 125 buzz bombs the first time I rode one I got flipped off of the back inside 20 feet, Waaaaaah ....power band......gone

 Bonneville flats peed week, lets go break some records
 Rebound is a bit tight

 It's a bit tight through here
 Mike was a  legend
 Egli builds some pretty special units

 Just got to get this thing around power on and I've won

But then maybe not

 Now this is just fucken stupid, totally un-ride able totally the biggest wank on the road, stupid stupid stupid.
She's been out on his vespa

 Check out the crowd

It's all about the eyes

Steve McQueens original turbo and a race track for the day
He's pretty relaxed

Brand new in a showroom near you

These went pretty well to in their day

I used to ride my trail bikes down these stairs pretty much everyday I was at school, all gone now

Love the dude in the middle he's right up the leaders arse and he has time to look back

A few names in here, see if you can pick them

This is the nicest triumph ever....end of story

Great photography

Yes lucky you, you made it to the end, hope you enjoyed it, to my new buddies in South Africa welcome a broad.

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