Monday, 5 January 2015

Well , here we are well and truly into the year. read a book the other day where the author didn't want to ride a Honda because he didn't want to meet nice people, I laughed at that, and then I thought of the time that I spend doing this blog, and I laughed to myself thinking my god there is a lot of motorcyclists out there doing all sorts of good shit to their bikes. It's a strange thing, this common bond between all motorcyclists, we all seem to like the same things. have you ever noticed that. You surround yourself in like minded people that want to have doing like minded things, and in that mix there are the same types of people no matter what country you are from or what you ride. You have the conservatives, the risk takers, the fast, the slow, the cruisers, but were ever you ride you will find the same types over and over again, all sitting in a bar or a restaurant,or even on the side of the road, all people doing the same shit, I like that, I like that a lot. So here's the start of the 2015 V2 blog it's the same ( over and over again ), but I know that no matter where you are you are all liking this, so I will keep going until I cant or I've gone riding. Enjoy.

What a bristley little boat this is, don't you think? More cannons than you can poke a stick at.

Nice Guzzi being used properly. Ohlins front end is noice too.

I love this bike almost as much as my own.

Nice work

here in lies the trouble of man.

But he's so short

I'm pretty sure that this is a Gilera or maybe a Bultaco, or an Ossa, it's definitely Spanish, but I will be corrected if I am wrong,  chassis is great
Ossa flat tracker noice!!!!!!

Diggin the seat work from an old football by the looks of it.

I followed an 1198S to Wanganui this year and it popped the most beautiful blue flames out the back, just like this, shit I did some additional gear change work to stay with him, he just ran the volume up and down in 3rd and 4th, it sounded great.

A little too much rebound, might need a click or two. I think I spelt click wrong.

 The guy that took the photo said it was hard to take, watching his mates die right in front of him while he took pictures. Every time I see these images I get real sad, these guys, Hero's one and all they were all so young. At their age our youngsters of today are complaining because they have no service at their parents holiday bach, and there's not enough Coke in the fridge
 A few faces from 'old time' racing New Zealand all out having a fucken great time riding this beautiful land of ours. We are blessed.

 He's a right funny chap this guy is.

 Nice work going on here.
Colin Edwards like to ride in the snow too.
 Nice photo

 She's a bit of a beast

 Scrubbing it off. And to the wanker who thought that this was socially wrong ( no helmet, protective gear etc), well fuck you, this is about FUN.

 Motomart will do this for you, if you see an RnineT for sale buy it, ( they are sold out around the world), you can do this very very easily.

 Vince diggin it in hard across 'the lines' Wanganui

 Now I would sell my gonads for this, what a bike.

Now this is spooky, last night I watched a movie ( Ride to Hell Quentin Tarrantino), and this guy 
( Marsden I think), was riding this nice little bike, and then this morning this image turns up and here it is. I loved this little bike.

 Shaun doing what he has done for so long up front no one else around and going hard.
 For sale on Trade Me at the moment, quite nice

One of 15 in the world and for sale here in NZ, it never ceases to amaze me the bikes we have floating around this country

And this one is for sale as well.

 And this one. I really like this one, it's got some interesting bits to it that make me smile.
 And it's been built real well.

This was also for sale.
 But the one that caught my eye the most was this little 200 Honda Trials bike, check out the images and see how nice this is. What a great restoration

 I can taste this image

 Fuck yes you would see Jesus wouldn't you

 Now this brings a tear to my eye


 How good are these guys

 Always liked these things

 Welcome to my world, where Horse Power is all that matters
 It's all about fun.

 Yeah, I got a bit of a wobble on at about Turangi, but had it sorted by Bulls
 And I do like big boats, especially the engineering type boats.

 A very sexy image, who needs wide eyed bung holery when you can have this.

 A very cool bus
I'm never happy when 'm about to go for a ride No man ever said
 I have no idea what this is, but he sure exits the stage  right that's for sure.
 I've got this

 Those TIG goblins have been busy again

 Vince doing the work on his lovely Guzzi

Hondas new toy

 Here's my other Ducati that I built, this one took all my money, all my time and all of my patience. $60K was about where I gave up counting.

So we are done for another week, 

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  1. The monocoque two-stroke single is a factory Ossa designed by Eduardo GirĂ³. One of these was raced by the late Santiago Herrero. He won the Spanish (Jarama), French (Le Mans) and Belgium (Spa) GPs on this in 1969, and placed third in the 250 GP at the Isle of Man, despite the Ossa being much less powerfull than the competition. This was the year Kelvin Carruthers won the 250 title on a Benelli 250/4. That was the last year of multis in the 250 class. Herrero crashed on melted tar in the 1970 Iom TT and died two days later.